Game Night, B&W.

I’ve always wanted to draw a gaming group playing RPG with an image in the background showing what they were imagining. Well, after 14 hours spread across 15 days, I have this.

Took way longer than I had hoped but now that it’s done, I hope you like it.

And if you really like it and want to use it for your publication, I’ve made it available as stock art at DriveThruRPG—

Sketch of Warduke, a character from the old 1980’s AD&D action figure toy line.

I drew this in March for the challenge a couple of months ago where illustrators were to re-
imagine the AD&D action figures.

I was in the mood to draw a fantasy map of our local area last month. When I was done I thought my stock art collection on DriveThruRPG needed one that depicted a treasure map on a table so I drew this.

I wanted to have a drawing of a Wizard’s workshop for use as background for future character drawings. That and I want to have something like that to sell as stock art on DriveThruRPG.

It took me longer than I had hoped to finish this and said at the time that I won’t draw something this elaborate anytime soon. And yet I ended up doing a drawing a group of players playing D&D. Oh well.

Life just got real busy in the last couple of weeks. No time or energy for creative stuff during my free time. I just want to vege out in front of the TV or look at my phone while lying in bed.

My latest finished drawing is this Dungeon Door which I completed last week.

I originally drew this for the Basic Fantasy RPG module CS2-The Dark Temple (

The drawing is also available as stock art on DriveThruRPG for those interested.

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Ugh. This is taking longer than I had hoped initially. It’s D&D Game Night.

For some time now I’ve been wanting to draw a piece that depicts a group of friends playing D&D. Here is my take in the early rough sketch stage.

In June 2018, I ran a game of Tiny Dungeon 2nd Edition RPG for my then 6 year old son.

His character was a Karhu named Teddy. Although son of a restaurant owner, his passion lies in martial arts.

In his first adventure, he saved a Salimar named Don from an evil statue. They’ve been buddies ever since.

This was my drawing of those two characters back in May 2020.

It’s my day 4 on Mastodon. I’m grateful to everyone who has followed me, faved my art and boosted them.

I wasn’t a big birdsite user so participating in a similar social network is pretty new to me. Still figuring out how to effectively use it.

How do you use Mastodon? Just curious.

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Then did come Ragnarök, but Thor and Sif defied the gaes that all Aisir must die, and placed their son Vænn in a ship made of Yggdrasil, and sailed him to Midgard, though a babe, that he might survive Asgard's destruction.
In Midgard's he came to the farmer family Morven, who raised him honorable and true. Powerful beyond mortals, he became the hero Stormhammer, the rune Úr on his chest to mark his name, meaning Hope. Only shards of shattered Mjolnir weaken him.

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Hello. It’s my third day and I should do a proper .

I’m Gabe from Australia. I design solutions for a living but I don’t want to talk about work here.

I’m going to post mostly about my other interests such as RPGs, drawing, TV and movies.

I draw fantasy & sci-fi stuff that’s related to RPGs usually. I’ll be posting my drawings here, old & new.

Here is an older drawing for a challenge on Instagram in 2020. It’s still applicable.

I’m still working on a drawing but in the meantime, here is my second favourite piece that I’ve drawn in past 12 months. A commissioned piece from Tim Brannan — his original character Larina Nix the witch.

Ok it’s Mastodon day 2 for me. Still not quite sure of the best way to make use of this platform. I guess I should start with picking the right software for this.

What do you guys prefer? Is it the web on desktop, web on mobile, the official Mastodon app or some other app?

Just got into Mastodon today. Still learning the ropes. For my first post, I’d like to share my favourite drawing that I’ve done so far this year.

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