Hello. It’s my third day and I should do a proper .

I’m Gabe from Australia. I design solutions for a living but I don’t want to talk about work here.

I’m going to post mostly about my other interests such as RPGs, drawing, TV and movies.

I draw fantasy & sci-fi stuff that’s related to RPGs usually. I’ll be posting my drawings here, old & new.

Here is an older drawing for a challenge on Instagram in 2020. It’s still applicable.

@gabrion this is a really cool idea! Imagine a character sheet like this? Love your style! That shirt is 👌🏼

@meandeef it’s one of my favourite shirts in real life. 😀

@gabrion I love it when people draw such introductory posters. :) I've seen it here on Mastodon once, I think. It does look awesome!

@SeventhMagpie thanks! It was a fun meme/challenge. Good thing I got a chance to show it again.

@gabrion@dice.I have an artist friend, and I asked her if she did something like that. And she said that she didn't like this kind of thing. 😆 Such a pity. I wish people did it more often. It's a very neat idea. I definitely would if I could draw. 😆

@SeventhMagpie you could still do it but maybe use photos and cutouts to make it look like a scrapbook page.

@gabrion Welcome! Say hello to my little (octopus) friend! Don't worry, it won't kill you, this is isn't Australia.

@gabrion welcome! I love your drawing style—line drawings, but still realistic!

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