Game Night, B&W.

I’ve always wanted to draw a gaming group playing RPG with an image in the background showing what they were imagining. Well, after 14 hours spread across 15 days, I have this.

Took way longer than I had hoped but now that it’s done, I hope you like it.

And if you really like it and want to use it for your publication, I’ve made it available as stock art at DriveThruRPG—

@ljwrites thanks! 😀 I’m glad that people seem to like it. Made all that work seemed worthwhile.

@gabrion you brought out the emotional content so well. It really captures the subjective, imaginative reality of the ttrpg experience. "Subjective" here also meaning that from an external perspective, adults appear to be losing their heads over paper and dice xD

@ljwrites haha yes. Those who aren’t in the game might wonder what the heck is going on. Meanwhile those playing are imagining this other world.

@gabrion I’ll say again, the 2e PHBis such a nice touch!

I live this image!

@dmtales thanks! I wish this is the version that’s available in DriveThruRPG and not the revised one. 😀

@gabrion what changes got made in the revised version?

@dmtales I don’t know the details but what is obvious to me is the layout, font and art. I like the presentation of the original and they changed all of that in the revised 2e. I really dislike the font they used and I wasn’t fan of the art.

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