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time. Hi all, I'm Gordo. I throw dice as often as I can and spend most of the rest of the time daydreaming about it. I'm a G+ refugee and lurk around the edges of twitter. I've been on mastodon for a few year but never strayed far from
I used to run a fandom convention, and I had a brief stint as an illustrator. Now I'm trying to decide on a TTRPG project to concentrate on and push towards eventual publication. Glad to be here!

Surfacing briefly to see what I've missed the past few weeks. Life's a mess and it's not lookin' any better in the near future, but hey at least I got to game last week.

RPG Mail Call: today I got a copy of Jason Price's Last Sentinels zine set! I love the cover details on this one, and I'm looking forward to experimenting with the game in the near future.

fighting games grumbling, negativity 

I'm fully aware this is a symptom of aging out of the demographic; there was a specific golden hour of gaming perfection set in my mind by my experiences in the late nineties and early 2000s. New fighting games are unlikely to do much to shake those impressions, regardless of how good they actually are. So now I watch on from the sidelines, and I try to stay happy that the community is thriving.

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fighting games grumbling, negativity 

I was just reminded that the Street Fighter 6 trailer dropped a few days ago (the real one this time, not just the teaser) and....
I'm sorta glad I walked away from fighting games. The FGC seems to be utterly hypnotized by this trailer, and all I see is just more bland samey bullshit. The graphics are certainly technically impressive, but aesthetically speaking they look like a graphics card tech demo more than anything particularly engaging.

I have noticed that as I've been stretching creaky and long neglected art-muscles the past couple of months, the urge to actually create something with continuity or an identity beyond just fucking around with a tablet has been getting harder to ignore. I haven't drawn OCs that weren't directly related to a TTRPG campaign in over a decade, and it feels weird to consider doing it now.

On a related note - how is it that in a world where every-goddamned-thing has practically doubled in price since I was in high school, but a box of Prismacolors is still $75?

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I bought a box of Prismacolor pencils over the weekend in a weird rush of determination, nostalgia, and boredom. I haven't used these since the late '00s - and it now occurs to me that my illos are pretty wildly different from most anything I did back then. That's more an observation than a problem, but it does mean I'm going to be relearning another old tool more or less from scratch.

Alright, art supplies splurging and cafe time are done, time to go hit the record shop and then grab some dinner.

RED GIANT is one of my favorite TTRPG releases from the past two years, and learning that Rookie Jet was working on a new game made my morning.
EMPTY CYCLE looks amazing and I cannot wait to see how the rest of the game develops.

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I caught myself outlining a massive 5e hack on Sunday for some reason after few evening drinks. Most of the changes seemed almost perfectly designed to frustrate and irritate a few vocal 5e fans in my social circles, so I assume that was drunk me's goal in the first place.

Urf. The past week evaporated under a slew of micro-crisis nonsense and lingering illness, especially those revolving around the new cast of characters in my office. It feels like I spent the holiday weekend trying to just find my footing.

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Somehow the group of characters in my Sunday D&D game has mirrored the cast of Journey to the West and we have only now realized it.
Guess who's playing the clueless semi-feral monk.

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