Via (the text of his tweet in its entirety was "What?" which... yeah)

(Pickaxe is a vanilla server, and is a fun generational mix. Some folks rough it, some folks do really pretty artistic builds, and some of us are Technical Minecrafters. Three guesses which one I am right now...)

I'm moving Pickaxe.Club community storage into the nether (we have a major transit hub on the roof) so that it doesn't cause lag in the spawn chunks. It's halfway built and... it's large.

Getting caught up on podcasts, though.

Our Qwirkle game might have gotten a little inefficient.

this PDF of an article about gertrude stein has weird password protection so I'm using tesseract to OCR passages and it transcribed the phrase "Making of Americans" as "Making qumm'cans" and "This is a form of writing" as "This is a form of Wl'itiI-lg" and it's making me think that the OCR model must have been trained on like... Klingon slashfic or something

That moment when you're talking your Champions character (day job: bicycle courier) over with the GM and he's commenting that "unicycle" is a separate skill and "when is THAT gonna come up in game" and the next thing you know you're statting out the Unipiper

Yeah, just over here looking at the board game shelf and mentally adding "& Zombies!" to the end of each game to see if it works.

@gamehawk Except those games where longest beard goes first.

LB: Pretty much all our board games recently are youngest/oldest first which means my husband nevvver gets to go first.

Can board games maybe fuck off with the Youngest Player First rule bullshit?

Give us a fucking dice or something.

Last night was my pick, and we busted out the Boss Monster. That went well; son and I tied on points. (He won on XP level, which is a pre-set by randomly-drawn boss and determines play order.)

I made a new rule: after dinner we don't go straight [back] to our computers but must instead have some non-screen family time. It's worked out pretty well. We rotate who picks, with a "do your own thing" night in the rotation. Mostly it's board games, though we have a Marbleocity kit we're gradually assembling.

17yo surprised me by requesting Qwirkle several nights in a row. We've had that for years and he refused to play ever again after half a game. Later, we learned he was colorblind. Oops.

Any game studios out here looking for a new hire? @emelie is a concept artist and 3D model designer

Summary of my pre-outline DnD5E adventure for my brother's bachelor party:

Rumors spread of an ancient dungeon in the region's highest, coldest mountains, said to contain an actual star. The king promises his daughter's hand to whoever can bring back the star. A dozen expeditionary forces are formed and the arctic race begins.

Parts of Iron Will, Sphere, Prometheus, Empire Strikes Back, The Thing, Ocarina of Time, and The Last Crusade inform the story beats.

Some more prints for sale! 'Mapdala' - a city map in a mandala structure, and a geometric mandala.

A4 size on 200gsm paper, $20 USD which includes worldwide postage. Payment via PayPal, message or yell at me to nab one! :D

#MastoArt #CreativeToots

Irrationally, I want Twilight Imperium even though we have a pajillion games and haven't even played some of *them* yet, and the likelihood of having the time to play that monster is fairly slim.

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