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How many actors can you think of who played the same character in both the TNG and TOS eras of Star Trek?
(DS9's time travel shenanigans in the tribble episode doesn't count).

Nothing quite like Jack Daniels in the office at 3:30 on a Friday.

Quiver Time Deal

We've got an exclusive deal on @QuiverTime products for the month of March.

10% their entire catalog! This stacks with existing discounts!

Like the Quiver Case is 36% off, this 10% is on top of that!

Just head to and use code DINGDING

I hate it when I do something right and someone ELSE screws up.

And then the customer calls their rep and the rep calls me (because I assured them it'd been done right - because it had) and then I have to document the issue to cover my ass.

I hate having to cover my ass. After eleven years, you'd think trust would be A Thing.

... and my boss just called. They are "putting together a job description" for my cohort's replacement. That is a huge relief.

Unrelated: My cohort here at the office gave notice. My new fear is that they're going to shut us down rather than hiring a replacement.

I've been caffeine-free for a week and three days, now. This morning, I got an iced tea. I've never been able to feel the caffeine in tea before. It's a very weird sensation.

(Caffeine in soda has been giving me anxiety attacks, so I've stopped drinking it)

I ended up going to Wibbley's. Their burgers are just too good.

Trying to decide if any of the ramen places near my office are worth the drive. It's hard to do when you haven't been to any of 'em, yet.

I just wish Samurai Noodle were close enough for me to visit on my lunch.

Saw the moon.

Yep. That was, in fact, the moon.

A friend of mine told another friend I'd wished her a Merry Christmas.

"That," she said, "Doesn't sound like Eric. Eric doesn't celebrate shit!"

And it's true. There are only three days I celebrate every year:
1) My wife's birthday
2) Our anniversary
3) The anniversary of our first date.

All else is pointless.

With Tumblr shitting itself, it looks like a lot of folks from there are moving to Mastodon instances. Mostly, because that's the easiest to find.

This morning, Google Maps routed me all the way up 18 to 90.

It added 30 miles to my drive, but saved me almost 20 minutes.

Tonight, that drive in reverse will cost one extra minute, but I'm considering it. Hwy 18 tends to have fewer brake lights, and driving at normal speed is less-frustrating than stop-and-go.

Today has been a Murphy's Law kind of day. None of it hit me directly, but my co-worker took several pretty solid hits.

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Today I learned to look for "Michael Brophy" when checking to see if Skarka worked on a product. It's almost certainly his pseudonym.

I think I'm finally out of patience for Skarka's shit with Far West. His partial refund mollified me for a while, but there's only so much I can take.

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