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We have some awesome customers. One came in yesterday and *gave* us a 60" TV. It's a lightly-used Pioneer Elite plasma.

My cohort has a 49" LCD that it will be replacing.

Sorry for the downtime folks! I'm on leave and busy with family stuff. @blinks stepped up and solved it. And since he's amazing, he wrote a post-mortem:

I'm so glad that appears to be back.

Frustration is having more than a week of vacation stored up but no fully-trained backup who can cover so I can take it.

Spent a chunk of my break reading the warranty and service manual for the new car.

It only needs oil changes every 10k miles. That just boggles my little "Every 3k or your engine will seize" mind.

This has knocked me off my stride this afternoon.

Lone Wolf & Cub is a series I came to later than many - and I got there from the films before I knew there was a Manga.

This is a significant loss to the manga art.

The boss came in today with donuts. Two dozen donuts. For the three of us.

The car is officially dying. We have 232k miles on it, so we knew this was coming. But it needs $3k in repairs in the near future (oil pump and front suspension work).

Much as I'd love to just fix it, we're at the point where every week something else will need fixing. Cheaper to just suck it up and get a new car.

We love this car, and will miss it greatly.

Today is Transfer Day. There are eleven Weber Genesis grills on the truck inbound to my office. We need to unload them (without a dock) and then stack them (without a forklift) so we have room for them.

I say, "We," but what I really mean is "Me, unless Mariano gets back soon." Because the only sales rep in the building is already complaining about his back.

Started my usual morning routine this morning: Come to work, sign in, do the banking, take 15 to check social media and work a crossword.

My first social media account to check is always Plus. I didn't get any further today.

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How many actors can you think of who played the same character in both the TNG and TOS eras of Star Trek?
(DS9's time travel shenanigans in the tribble episode doesn't count).

Nothing quite like Jack Daniels in the office at 3:30 on a Friday.

Quiver Time Deal

We've got an exclusive deal on @QuiverTime products for the month of March.

10% their entire catalog! This stacks with existing discounts!

Like the Quiver Case is 36% off, this 10% is on top of that!

Just head to and use code DINGDING

I hate it when I do something right and someone ELSE screws up.

And then the customer calls their rep and the rep calls me (because I assured them it'd been done right - because it had) and then I have to document the issue to cover my ass.

I hate having to cover my ass. After eleven years, you'd think trust would be A Thing.

... and my boss just called. They are "putting together a job description" for my cohort's replacement. That is a huge relief.

Unrelated: My cohort here at the office gave notice. My new fear is that they're going to shut us down rather than hiring a replacement.

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