A friend of mine told another friend I'd wished her a Merry Christmas.

"That," she said, "Doesn't sound like Eric. Eric doesn't celebrate shit!"

And it's true. There are only three days I celebrate every year:
1) My wife's birthday
2) Our anniversary
3) The anniversary of our first date.

All else is pointless.

With Tumblr shitting itself, it looks like a lot of folks from there are moving to Mastodon instances. Mostly mastodon.social, because that's the easiest to find.

This morning, Google Maps routed me all the way up 18 to 90.

It added 30 miles to my drive, but saved me almost 20 minutes.

Tonight, that drive in reverse will cost one extra minute, but I'm considering it. Hwy 18 tends to have fewer brake lights, and driving at normal speed is less-frustrating than stop-and-go.

Today has been a Murphy's Law kind of day. None of it hit me directly, but my co-worker took several pretty solid hits.

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Today I learned to look for "Michael Brophy" when checking to see if Skarka worked on a product. It's almost certainly his pseudonym.

I think I'm finally out of patience for Skarka's shit with Far West. His partial refund mollified me for a while, but there's only so much I can take.

So far, Kicksnarker now exists in crippled broken form on FB, Slack, Discord, and LiveJournal.

My wife had informed me that I am allowed two more days of moping about the coming loss of G+.

MeWe has a significant alt-right infestation. If the blocking tools aren't robust enough, that'll make it nonviable for me.

I cannot express in words just how upset I am that Google has decided to shot down G+.

Yes, we have ten months left, but G+ is my primary online social outlet, and I've met a TON of really awesome people there.

Now I need to adapt to another site. Somehow. Ugh.

So I have 28.5 hours of vacation time accrued. Plus eight hours of Flex Time.

That's ... almost a week off, should I choose to take it. And I really should. And soon.

Between Levi's working on Gun Control and Nike hiring Kaepernick, it's gonna get real easy to spot MAGATurds pretty quickly, here.

Just got the car repaired. It's a 2007 Saturn Vue with over 200k miles on it, and we love it. It's capable of holding a lot of games.

Every time we take it into the shop, the tech looks under the hood and then comes out to confirm the mileage, because its engine is in such good shape. Because we've kept up on its maintenance.

We will be VERY sad when this car eventually goes.

I'm a huge fan of the board game Room 25. There's a new expansion out - 40 sleeves, one token, five room tiles, and a card or two. $30.

No US release scheduled. Shipping from the manufacturer to me? $45.

So I posted on FB asking if any of my French friends could help me out and I'm not getting a *free* copy from the manufacturer.

Sometimes, I really love my life.

Skarka lists Star Trek Adventures Core Book in his credits. And the Beta Quadrant sourcebook.

He doesn't appear in the credits for either of them.

Modiphius had promised to disclose which product(s) he'd worked on.

Barring a very good explanation from Modiphius, I think I'm done buying their products. I do not like being misled.

Because this is where I talk about food, let me state: Bellevue is weird.

There is an Arco AM/PM about a block from my office, and it is clean and well-lit with wide aisles. It's an appealing place to shop.

It's not dingy and poorly lit and cramped-feeling.

Update: The driver delivered to the wrong address. The printer is up and calibrating now.

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