There is such a great joy in finishing off your "To Do" list. And it's completely inexplicable to folks who've never put such lists together in the first place.

I just processed my first Freight shipment. Previously, all I'd done out of this location was small pack.

It's not something I'm going to do a ton out of (yet), but it's very good to know how to do.

I just finished unloading six pallets of TVs. Alone, because that is how I apparently roll.

Now I get to put as much of it away as I can manage. Which is most of it, but, sadly, not all of it.

I think one of my favorite things about Blaseball is when there is a bug that becomes an in-game event.

Like the top of the Twelfth inning from this game this morning:

Today will, I think, be A Day, as we're not going to hit the unreasonably-high sales targets that W set for us. "Us" meaning W, A, and myself. Using numbers that I think he just invented.

Aha! I'm getting notifications that tell me (X) has followed me - and (X) doesn't appear to have been active for a very long time. So apparently folks who followed me before the Great Reset are still following me (but sees it as a new follow, and so alerts me).

So. Intro, because I'm new again?

I'm Eric. I like games. Board games, card games, role-playing games. Even a few video games. Games games games games games.

I'm also big on sarcasm. If you've heard of the "Kicksnarker" community, that was me. I made that. With the help of about a thousand other awesome people, who appreciated my vision and added to it.

I'm nicer in person than I am online, and I'm usually super-careful with my word choice.

My nemesis is Too-Many-Phrases-Set-Off-By-Commas.

I don't know how the reset will function with people following from other instances. Hopefully the fact that I'm using the same name/profile/info means you're still following me ...

Sadly, I'm not following you. Yet. Please reply or something so I can refollow you!

Welp. Here we go again. 🙂

Thank you @sage for getting it set up (and keeping it going).

I thing a periodic housecleaning is good for the soul, even if it is initially a frustration.

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