We have a customer who has had an incorrect address in our system for ... a long while, now. Each time we shipped, UPS would flag the package, correct the ZIP code, and forward it along. This slowed the shipment by a day.
They've never ordered things that were urgent or time-sensitive, so it was never an issue before.
Tuesday, we shipped some things to them that they needed today.
Wrong ZIP code + holiday rush = two packages (out of three) arriving. The other one will show tomorrow. Too late.

I've been on the phone with UPS and with the customer for most of the day. I'm not getting ANYTHING accomplished. Customer is pissed (and rightfully so).
I've fixed the address so this won't happen again - but, at this rate, I don't know that they'll still be a customer.

Update: They were able to source one part elsewhere. The other, we had a spare and set out UPS Next Day to the job site.

And then UPS apparently lost the package.

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