GAMA have deleted their Twitter account

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@gamethyme really? It just gets worse and worse! What the h*ck is going on?

@darjr My theory is that JDA's army of trolls was spamming their notifications.

Meanwhile, the other side of things was spamming their mentions for letting JDA in in the first place and then for being slow to react.

@gamethyme @darjr Ah I'm assuming the results of trying to both sides an issue.
I do have to admit I haven't been keeping up with this.

@gamethyme - the fact that they only gave JDA a 28 day suspension instead of just NOT LETTING HIM IN THE DOOR certainly makes them look bad. I wouldn't keep my Twitter account live after that either. Or my trade organization at all.

@dysonlogos Part of the issue is that GAMA is very much an analog organization. They have a policy and a procedure and nothing's gonna speed that process up. Even when the whole damn internet is yelling at them.

@dysonlogos I'm also just as confused at their willingness to let Bergren in, too. Because he was booted from Origins last year for not treating folks with respect.

@gamethyme I used to want to go to Origins because I'm familiar with the convention center and thought it would be cool to be there. But with how poorly they're carrying themselves online I'm reconsidering having anything to do with them

@craigmaloney Not just the online actions/reactions - they abruptly changed their mask policy, and did so too late for vendors/exhibitors to withdraw without penalty.

@gamethyme yeah... Definitely will need a seachange over there. That's a dick move.

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