I've been especially tired this week, and Steph put her finger on why:

Walter has been in the office all week. I like Walter, but he's exhausting to deal with in the best of times, and I've been the only one in office since March. Going from doing everything to not knowing what I'm doing and adding another person at the same time? Total exhaustion, when when I'm sleeping well for a change.

Update: It's warranty covered, will take a couple of weeks, but we have a loaner until then.

Car is in the shop again. This time, it threw a code - P0087 - which indicates low fuel pressure.

Really /really/ hope this is warranty-covered.

@paulczege Did it involve yeast or sourdough or beer or soda?

@craigmaloney Sorta. Current gig is in process of selling itself to another company. So I'll be doing the same thing, only it'll be under a different brand name.

Filled out my W-4 and I-9 this morning. Suddenly, it's real.

Did anyone else just have trouble connecting to dice.camp?


Star Trek Adventures is close to what you seek.

Characters do change, but it's a lot of "Change <narrative element> for another <narrative element>." The stat changes are mostly "Lower one <stat> to increase a different <stat>."

You can hit "Arc Milestones," but as written they are super rare, and each is only an increase of one to a chosen stat. And they get rarer as play continues.

We call our car, "Sequel." It was "Boogaloo" until the alt-right decided to coopt that word.

In the whole "Check Engine Light But Nothing Is Wrong" end, this is very much like our earlier cars.

Update: Just like the two GM vehicles we had, the VW didn't record any sort of error code associated with the check engine light.

"This is normal," the tech told us.

At least the visit was free, right?

@craigmaloney I thought the Jaguar had potential. They were just too difficult/expensive for publishers to deal with, leading Sony to eat EVERYONE'S lunch for the better part of a decade.

Our Check Engine light came on last Thursday, so we scheduled an appointment.

I fueled up on Monday, and the light went off.

Tuesday morning, the light came back on. We're super-glad we didn't cancel the appointment.

This morning? Light turned off as Steph was leaving my office.

So far, VW doesn't seem to be any better-made than GM. Just sayin'.

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@paulczege What did I just put in front of my eyes, and how did it make more than $35k?

@robotkarateman We're not in the "high risk" group, even if we catch it. Meaning we'll just have to deal with flu-like symptoms. And self-quarantine. Probably. But we'll see.

Better Half has a co-worker whose wife is now a confirmed case of COVID-19. He's undergoing testing, now. If positive, Better Half will probably need to be tested.

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