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So I dropped the ball at work earlier this week. It cost one of our sales reps a good chunk of change.

Here's the thing, though: It wasn't my ball. Or, rather, it shouldn't have been.

The sales rep in question appears to have learned his lesson, and is now sending his own damn e-mails to our Purchasing team.

We'll see how long that lasts.

I cannot wait to see the end of this week. It's been a rough one.

My weekend looks like time spent with awesome people on Saturday and a whole lot of sleeping the fuck in on Sunday.

I learned yesterday how stupid Twitter's "Advanced Search" is. If I search for "cheese," I won't get hits for "cheeses," for example. It only looks for exact matches.

Only one thing can come of this.

The Rain is back.

If this is your first winter in the PNW, pay attention to how you handle this week. Are you moodier than usual? Do you need vitamin D supplements, or a sun lamp? Watch for early signs of seasonal depression.

People sometimes ask me if I'm as sarcastic in person as I am on the internet.

It'd be better to ask my wife. She is the one who "enjoys" dealing with me day in and day out.

I need a black gamer from the American South for a sensitivity review. You'll be reading about 2000 words of backstory and associated material, and providing critique which will be taken very seriously indeed. For this, I can offer US$40, a credit as reviewer, and a free PDF copy of the finished document.

... looks like porn spammers have found Mastodon.

I guess after Gab moved to the neighborhood, it was inevitable.

Yesterday was the 17th Anniversary of my weekly Game Night. And tonight, we ... won't be having game night.

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Sometimes, you just need to exercise that 'report' option.

There are words we do not use to refer to people. If I see you using them on twitter, I will search your account for every instance and will report every. single. one.

Just received a purchase order from a customer for one item ... quantity zero.

Picked up the Noble Armada game on Steam over the weekend.

It's one of the least intuitive games I have ever played.

It's an RTS where giving your units orders pauses the game.

An RTS where you can control a maximum of 4 units, and you can't group them - each unit gets its orders individually.

An RTS where you click-and-drag to set headings for your ships and then click-and-drag to set the units' speed.

On the plus side, the opposition ALSO caps at 4 units.

I really hate how often the power goes out, here. And how long it tends to be out for.

We're at one hour and counting.

Another game whose English version has my fringerprints on it has apparently won the SdJ.

That makes three winners and six nominees on my list. Nine games total, three of which were the Kennerspiel.

It's an oddly good feeling. I must be good at what I do, right?

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I've decided to put all my Pay-What-You-Want titles on DriveThruRPG on sale. For the rest of the month, they're all now Pay-Half-Of-What-You-Want.

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We have some awesome customers. One came in yesterday and *gave* us a 60" TV. It's a lightly-used Pioneer Elite plasma.

My cohort has a 49" LCD that it will be replacing.

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