Season 1, Episode 10
(This is spoiler-free I promise)
CLASSIC Steve Martin. A must watch! (start from the first episode)

I have an idea for the aesthetics of my website. Going with a theme, I'd like to take a picture similar to this and put the text of my within the monitor. Does anyone know of any way in to make it distort slightly so it looks like it's on a screen instead of a flat screen while being simple text and not a picture? I'd like it to feel like visitors are using a

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I'm against congress action on the price of . The cost of a barrel of has skyrocketed, so we suffer at the pumps. This is due to the negative externalities of Putin's . Capping prices will just lead to even more deadweight loss.
What we need to do instead is figure out why the demand for gasoline is and do things that make it more elastic. Adding substitute goods and services would be the best place to start IMO.

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