Ok! A lot of folks responded to my love of TMNT and Other Strangeness and I recommended Mutants in the now to just about all of them. The expansion to it, Mutants in the Next, is up on Kickstarter now. If you're an old school mutant animal RPG devotee like me give it a look: kickstarter.com/projects/arbco

Is there a game or engine y'all would recommend to run impactful cinematic duels and swordy fight scenes? Level of crunch isn't terribly important, though preferably mid to low. I'm looking for dynamic fights where how you choose to attack or defend matters, though whether that is by choosing maneuvers or through some kind of narrative mechanism I'm not too particular.

It wasn't until today that I realized I do indeed want to play as a grandma who solves mysteries with her grandma friends.


New over here! Hi, I'm Morgan. When I was 7 my friend's older brother taught me how to play TMNT and Other Strangeness and I've been hooked on dice ever since. Here for and I'll probably talk about a bit. After a decade and some change in Video Games I'm now working in the TTRPG space as the current CTO at Roll20.


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