Wanting to clear up what plot bits and characters were distractions, a player who got to frame the Question for the first scene asked "Do the Exterminators really have anything to do with the explosion at the Moon Port?" And the answer was no. No, they did not, and now they were just doing their best to lessen the rumor mill and smear campaign. However, they did have some helpful information.

I loved that the players identified what they really cared about getting out of this game.

Last night I ran my 2nd session of two for @genesisoflegend's Sig: Manual of Primes!

We started with the "Beginning of Session" rules, defining one big scheme that had succeeded, one that failed, and a new Face caught up in the crossfire. This was great for putting some new pressures on the characters and giving the players fodder for framing scenes and throwing in NPCs.

The players started by setting a scene to steer the story back to "Who killed Thrym?" More in thread.

Torvald, Perciel's brother, heard whispers that Thrym's death was intentional, and that Brok the Damned set the explosives in the Moonport. Trying to investigate, the PCs found that Thrym owed money. Nothing is as it seems. And now Lillim, hellbent on escaping love, is being courted by the very Giant accused of murdering Thrym.

Favorite moment: Our Cubi (Succubus), Lillim, used her charm to distract Brok the Damned, a forlorn giant, so that the others could steal a document from him. She "accidentally" bumped into him, spilling all the apples she'd picked. Classic meet cute.

Cue to game end, I call an Interlude scene so Lillim and I can heal Harm taken in play. It's Brok at her door. He has a big bag full of apples for her. Quoth one player: "I'm feeling feelings!"

Sig was delightful! We got in about 3 hours of time altogether. Character creation took about two of those hours. I think this was due to chatty players / having to go through for info on Factions/Powers/Heritages, so I'd make that mandatory reading next time.

The hour of play got us through two scenes. The Beliefs, shared NPCs, and heartbreak of the first scene (funeral of a beloved friend) made for a quick and intuitive dive into very emotional RP. Players asked when we can schedule another!

The new Indie RPG Pipeline is live!
(link: theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.c) theindierpgpipeline.blogspot.com
Through the Pipeline, I look to help spread the word of new indie tabletop roleplaying games being released and going into crowdfunding. You can follow by blog, rss feed or by daily email digest.

My mind is buzzing with different ideas and approaches for long-term play in Circles of Power. Secondary characters and societal changes are fascinating levers that too few games play with imo.

This past weekend I realized that I'd never seen a curated list of the best free and PWYW products on DriveThruRPG, so I created one.

There are 79 entries total, but some lead to multiple products; all told, there are about 120 RPGs and supplements listed, or 1.6% of the 7,597 available.


If you have suggestions for what else to include, I'd love to hear them.

Another stellar free find on DTRPG: Planarch Codex: Dark Heart of the Dreamer.

Want to play Planescape-infused Dungeon World? This is the ticket, right here.


Oh, and anyone interested in writing inclusive alternate histories might be interested in this podcast. genesisoflegend.podbean.com/e/

Art direction is a real challenge and learning opportunity. I still feel like I'm fumbling often and not providing my artists with the exact right amount of feedback/support.

Tonight I begin my Apocalypse World 3nd edition campaign. It's been far too long since I ran anything.

is about professionalisation and some of the systematic issues with our "industry", featuring myself and @ladyanaka last Metatopia. Worth a listen for existing publishers. genesisoflegend.podbean.com/e/

Hey, friends. Anna and I are actively looking for contracts right now.

I do writing, game design, creative direction, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, proofreading, and art direction.


Retoots appreciated!

Game designers should absolutely watch the movie Moonlight, and try to imagine how that would be presented in a game. Stretch your minds and hearts.

Heya! A reminder: I write and design rad ttrpgs and I'm looking for extra freelance work. Hit me up if you got something! Shareable post! ‬ dice.camp/media/ekhD9y65gLcMVw

Finished! Aaah! I wasn't counting hours but I think around 15? Faber-Castell TG1-S technical pens, a range of pencils for shading, on 120gsm A4 paper. :)

If you'd like a signed print of this, $30 USD which includes worldwide shipping - yell at me! Payment via PayPal :D

#mastoart #mandala #creativetoots mastodon.social/media/PwMKwvwY

Reposted from birdsite:

Anna and I have both been laid off, but we're turning it into an opportunity. We're ramping up our freelance work so we can start a business.

I do writing, creative direction, design, and system development.

Anna does writing, editing, and proofing.

Hit us up or share please.

My Dearest Dice.Camp,

We're coming up on my birthday, and so once again I'm celebrating this holiday season. You're invited to celebrate with me. If you buy a Worlds Without Master PDF for a friend or loved one (to be delivered on December 24th), you get that same issue for yourself for free (to be immediately delivered).

Here are the deets: worldswithoutmaster.com/blog/2


I just got my books delivered for my latest Kickstarter campaign and they look fantastic. Now to get them shipped out!

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