I think that a vital factor for the long-term sustainability of Mastadon for the RPG design community is to lean more towards the Google+ model than twitter.

We have a far more generous character limit here that allows us to have far more nuanced design conversation than twitter did. By highlighting the difference in affordances we will naturally see a form of content specialization.

Let's embrace analysis and discussion over hot takes and discourse, shall we?

@genesisoflegend Alas, I missed the G+ days, though I do lament Twitter most days I'm on there.

What would you say were some key parts of the G+ days?

@kennon @genesisoflegend I think the best part of G+ was circles. It let you send the right content to the right audience. So I could send to RPG thoughts to RPG people, but not bother them with Politics or some other topic by keeping those in another circle. Here or Twitter you either get everything for a user or nothing. So if someone posts 20 weird memes a day and only 2-3 on the topic I care about, I’ll just have to unfollow them.

@deinol @genesisoflegend Hmmm... I know that Mastodon has the ability to create lists, so I can kind of curate custom feeds of different people I follow for different things.

If only it would let us choose to post to a particular list as well. That would basically recreate the Circle functionality.

@kennon @genesisoflegend I’m also new here so I may not know all the ways you can curate here. But having a “follow only these hashtags” option for a user would be awesome.

@deinol @genesisoflegend Relatively new here too. Been off and on for a few years, but never stuck around more than just taking a peek before now.

That said, I think if you're on a desktop and enable the advanced web interface, you can set up additional feed columns and assign them the specific hashtags. It's the whole hashtag, not a specific user, but still could be some help.

@deinol @genesisoflegend

I wonder if you could make the entire mastadon instance like a circle in G+? Is there a way to see just a linear list of all posts to (Maybe that's the default, I don't know, I'm super new to Mastodon).

@deinol @genesisoflegend
Ahh, there's the "Local" button on the right list of links, that apparently does exactly that.

@natefinch @genesisoflegend interesting. I wonder if there’s a way to get to that via the app.

@natefinch @deinol @genesisoflegend Yeah, to stay on-topic for the instance you're on, you can use the Unlisted or Followers Only visibility setting on off-topic posts.

@genesisoflegend let's also spell Mastodon correctly then, okay? :P
Also, the usual warning, Mastodon != the fediverse. Pleroma and Misskey notably never seem to get mentioned (at least by the people who consider Mastodon a platform) and you know what, they allow even more characters! ;)

@genesisoflegend sadly what I miss about G+ is the structure that was built into it. The circles, full blocking ability and being able to section things off. I doubt if we ever get a social network that was that good again.

But until then this is looking pretty nice now that there are some more folks here.

@peteramthor I absolutely understand that and I still miss circles. That said, I think that a targeted local instance of Mastodon might at least give us the old community function.

@peteramthor @genesisoflegend I can't wrap my head around the failing of G+. It was the best social media site I ever had the privilege of using. The group video chat was out of this world too.

@dexterdunbar @peteramthor @genesisoflegend tldr; Google had a privacy vulnerability so large that rather than plug it, they shut G+ down.

There's a Mastodon instance geared toward RPG:

I follow a bunch of people on there, and there are some great conversations happening.

I'm not familiar with how G+ worked, so I don't know how useful this is. But maybe combining people on certain instances with lists would approximate it.

@klaatu indeed, that is my home instance. I hope it does fill that niche

@genesisoflegend What I miss most, and what I feel really led to my own personal success using G+, was circles which no other platform has really done successfully. That and the ability to really get my ideas out in long form.

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