There's some lovely potential for a generation ship RPG which uses tech from Undying / A Thousand Year Vampire to model player characters who are taken out of cryo periodically to deal with the disasters de jour. This brought to you by my recent read-through of Adrian Tchaikovsky's Children of Time

@clarkvalentine I hope the gaming goes well and I look forward to playing with you once more.

Best RPG advice I've seen in forever (from @JasonT on birdiesite)

@EvlynMoreau Wasn't that show so amazing? The combination of wonder and dread was fabulous.

@nickwedig "How does this interfere with normal life". For instance, Rogue can't touch people safely and Angel needs to tailor his clothing.

@JoshuaACNewman @AnarchoDom @norea Right. My mind was instead going to put the uncertainty on their efficacy instead of their loyalty. We know they are on your side, but they need to constantly affirm that they will get shit done that helps their community in a concrete way.

@JoshuaACNewman @norea @AnarchoDom I hate to intrude, but I might also interrogate if the PC's are legitimate authorities, or whether they are in trustworthy accomplices. How much hierarchy do you want for the little guy?

@rivetgeek There haven't been any substantive updates to the PDF/Print version to date, though I will try to go through the PDF for a bit of a cleanup pass. I admit there's a bit of an inconsistency due to the effects of relativity as we are unclear which frame of reference is used for the timeline. The terraforming bomb was launched, and then thousands of mines were put around it to keep everyone away. Think of those ordinance-infested forests in modern France, permanently off limits.

@JoshuaACNewman @norea I look to games such as Dog Eat Dog, where sub-optimal behaviours are put on the table to demonstrate power imbalance. The fact that the Occupier can overrule a dice-roll that they lost is both cruel and perfectly on point for the core message of the game.

@JoshuaACNewman I agree with that view entirely. I find my intuition is good at telling me that a particular major system works or fails, but it doesn't help me choose between alternative functioning systems. If I have three kinds of social interaction procedures, my intuition is useless in making that choice.

@nickwedig Right! If the game design is a central point in a metaphorical landscape, this is akin to exploring in a particular direction to see what this path would lead to.

@norea Right, incentive-first design is a potent tool. I have found that punishing certain behaviors is like a hot spices, best used sparingly and with great care.

I am absolutely fascinated by the unique perspectives each designer has regarding the game design process. For example, I have a nearly kinetic understanding of my games and can 'feel' the mechanisms during the design process. I intuit that a particular mechanic is out of place, overly complicated, or missing some kind of vital attachment to another mechanic. When things start to come together, I fell the metaphorical engine begin to run smoothly. How do you experience your design work?

@eladhen Right. The limits are associated with both the number of sessions (advancement mechanics) and the number of hours of gameplay (narrative). Perhaps the issue is that the PBTA framework maxes out at about 75+ hours of narrative?

@eladhen How long were the sessions for your games? I have generally found that out games have run out of steam after about a dozen or so sessions due to the more limited advancement mechanics.

@JoshuaACNewman @PaulCzege alas, if you click on an individual picture it states that it's free to use by fans, but that commercial use is prohibited.

Friends, today would be an excellent day to buy indie rpgs over on by designers from the Philippines. They all got some rough news and could use some love.

No one ever told me that designing roleplaying games would put me on the slippery path towards filling out customs brokerage paperwork.

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