Quick question: When you have an RPG with examples of play, do you like it better if they are formatted as a description of what happened or more like a script?

Examples of play are really helping me think through the mechanics and notice places where they could be a little smoother or easier to use.

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Still working on examples of play - Trilogy is now up past 83k words and I think I'll probably break 100k by the time we're done. Massively the longest thing I've written and, I genuinely believe, an excellent game.

This Twitter thread on Indiegogo from the team at Furtive Shambles is interesting for anyone else moving away from Kickstarter, which seems a way better ethical than fiscal proposition: twitter.com/FurtiveShambles/st

Every time I'm not writing a game my brain refuses to acknowledge how much of a pain in the ass it is to write examples of play.

Achievement unlocked: First edit pass complete.

What I learnt was that this game really sings with the right group of players. Is it purely because of this group? I don't know, but maybe time for some more playtests to find out...

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Finished our first playtest of Trilogy- my goal was to play out three sessions to cover worldbuilding, character creation and getting started with the game. We just ended with session 15. It was a real pleasure from start to finish - felt like it hit the perfect balance of a big story, fun characters, some high-stakes moments and low prep for me as GM.

Sometimes game design is editing the font you are using for your titles because one character is hard to read and ending up tweaking a bunch of other glyphs while you're in there.

This isn't how I expect it to look - now I see them on the sheet I'm not persuaded of the Fate bars at all - but I think it has all the things it needs.

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Got a roughed out character summary for Trilogy- this is half of the character sheet, the other half being the playbook for their current arc:

Starting to figure out how a playbook might look- in this case the Warhorse - various modes of transport get their own playbook but as a horseman myself I obviously couldn't resist going a little overboard on the horses.

I am not a graphic designer and trying to figure out approximate playbook layouts is SO MUCH WORK. Massive respect to anyone who is good at this!

Oh hey my favourite band of the moment just released a new EP and it rules. A great balance of synths and guitar pop with massive tunes: gloomyjune.bandcamp.com/album/

Today we tried out horseback archery and it was a lot of fun for us, albeit hella-boring for the equines.

I've made a lot of larp kit down the years but this replacement for my prosthetic moustache may be the one of the most challenging. I look truly ridiculous with a moustache.

I do believe the core rules of Trilogy are complete with this. There's still about 1/3rd of it awaiting editor attention and examples of play to go (because I didn't want to do those while the moves might change) but this feels like a line crossed.

Released three new songs onto the Crudely Drawn Swords OST last night - the classic RPG town vibes of Aru-sha, Wondersongesque ambience from The Minstrels' Haven and a matching epic sweep of The Flight Of The Falcons: crudely-formed-chords.bandcamp

Got a cover design for my epic fantasy PBTA game and it makes it feel real in a way that 200+ pages of document somehow don't. Now I'm committed, because something that looks this cool needs to exist!

Any recommendations for games that do really interesting things with their playbook layouts?

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