Should have been working on one game thing all day, spent all day thinking about another game thing instead.

I'm currently sharing playtest stuff for games I'm working on in a closed Discord channel. If you want to join in or if you want me to send them to you privately without joining Discord, let me know. Especially if you have too much time on your hands and want to run unfinished, broken games for fun.

* playtest Outremurk more, keep (re)writing it based on how that goes
* figure out what that damnable bronze age fantasy game that refuses to die is actually about
* write up my megadungeon for our next traditional multi-GM D&D campaign


Trying to clear out my head...current game design to-do list:

* create non-gendered classes for a rpg in a language that's super-gendered (ughhhh)
* gut an old box of Risk and try to redesign it from the ground up using COIN and Legacy influences
* actually type out that Barf forth gothica game I had in my head for the past 7 years (and playtest it)


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