"What would be funniest?" -- this very important question was asked of me when a friend and I were determining the exact details of an indeterminate plot element (a previously unopened letter.) Replace "funniest" with "saddest," or "scariest," in different genres. If you are creating a "random" outcome, lean on the scales a little to spin it for more impact.

"Sente" -- this is a go term denoting having the initiative or freedom to place anywhere on the board, rather than respond to a move. I use this in roleplaying to describe having freedom to put a new element or spin into play, rather than to simply react to the situation; it can be used to introduce something that is a complication or obstacle that will reveal character in the other participant/participants in a scene.

"Tasting the sand," from a game where we were so confused as to what to do in the situation, that our characters just sat down and tasted the sand.

I've been looking for some federated and open source social software -- sweet!


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