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An is in order.

I play games of all kinds, but is especially important to me. The -kind I mainly stick to some of the original . I do my other gaming on a board or .

Other than that I'm into , and literature, , music, , , and many things and .

You can find me elsewhere:

Yesterday we played ! It is probably one of the most fun games I know. The card drafting, combined with the board and carefully planned timing is pure genius. We also played for the first time. A pretty hard game with lots of fiddly bits, but nonetheless straight forward mechanics. I believe it is a fun game with some strategic merit, but need to play a lot more to be sure.

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I love the idea of the #fediverse, where there are all these different services that can all talk and share stuff on the same underlying framework.
The HUGE issue I'm having is I still have to make accounts on almost a dozen servers to be able to share different kinds of content. #Pixelfed for images, #mastodon for short messages, #Plume for blogging, and now #prismo for reddit-esk news.
Whatever happened to federated logins like #OpenID that let me use my main to sign into other sites? 🤔😓

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#Trunk is a community-run directory of people on the Fediverse who are looking for followers:

It's opt-in, so people only get listed if they specifically ask to be there.

It's organised by topic, and you can follow individuals or the entire list for that category.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Fediverse

Bought a new mattress today. It's the most expensive mattress I've ever owned. It's only 7 in the evening, but I'm already considering going to bed.

Very much inspired by @kensanata and his Halberds & Helmets I've been toying with the idea of compiling a booklet of rules for a planned old school campaign. I've come up with some tentative titles for the project, but can't decide which of these I like the most. What do the fediverse think?

* Vaults & Vagabonds
* Vaults & Vanguards
* Tombs & Troubles

And I would be willing to pay money for it. Not a lot though.

I think I made my first website in '96 or so. Made it for some friends who wanted a site for their band. Wasn't very good. Started reviewing movies around '02 and made a site to publish my writing. Then blogging happened around '05 and I had around 150 reviews that I moved to , then , then , then wordpress again, tried , and maybe more. Question: If I wanted to write anonymously today and still keep my content mine, where and how would I do it?

Friday: Ah! Weekend at last. I've got so many things I want to do; finish writing my old school rpg house rules, update the website I use for our ongoing game, play more The 7th Continent, go for a run, eat plenty of pizza, play Skyrim, have a glass of wine while reading the last adventure of Egil & Nix, oversleep, stay awake until way past my normal bedtime, bingewatch The Umbrella Academy, eat breakfast for two hours.

Sunday evening: least I ate some pizza.

I have read Finch's Quick Primer for Old School Gaming and Cone's Philotomy's Musings.

Do you know other defining documents / books about old school gaming? @kensanata @PresGas @martinralya

@kensanata You do don't you? I'm trying to learn it now and having a hard time finding resources on how to manipulate my front page. I have managed to load an image background, but having some difficulties on how to edit the \title. Do you know where I could read about that?

I'm thinking about what it would take, what can we do, to get as many as possible of the old (and good) -G+-people to join ? I know the info has been widespread before, but I understand the majority that sought new platforms either joined MeWe (which I don't like), Discord (which I dislike / don't have time for) or dropped out altogether. Combining for instance(pun intended) Mastodon, Write.Freely, Peertube and PixelFed it would make a pretty powerful replacement for ALL the needs?

Tried to install on Linux MInt 17.3, but ran into dependency hell pretty quickly. Bummer. I don't have the time for this.

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I have developed an inexplicable urge to start playing again. Probably buy into a couple of Planeswalkers and maybe a Toolkit. I know I shouldn't. Tell me why. Please. 😀

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