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I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love
I would do anything for love
But I won't turn off my ad blocker

So, I've got a question: The only real reason to be on more than one instance is the local timeline right? Or am I missing something? I've now got accounts on three instances, and one on pluspora, diaspora and friendica. Ideally I would like to keep accounts to a minimum, but if there is a good reason to have more I would like to know.

accidentally jump to the the beginning of the sentence I'm currently writing. My fingers hate touchpads and more often than not I

This is a test from cli toot in terminal.

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i hate how pinterest has colonised this section of the web

fuck walled gardens! half the damn image results on so many search engines are pinterest images!

The trailer to Wes Anderson's new movie is online and if no one wondered about his obvious influences from Tati, they are in your face now.

If you "get" the joke favourite this post.

My six year old son and I are playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch. Besides Switch quickly becoming my favorite gaming console and Breath of the Wild being one of the best video games ever, I'm quite stumped that he is so much better than me. Sign of my age I guess.

Just rewatched My Neighbor Totoro with the kids. Hands down the best animated kids' movie ever made.

I didn't get when everyone was talking about it, but Skerples' latest Many Rats on Sticks-version is pretty cool. My guess is it works very well at the table too. My only gripe is with the "races" that I would probably skip for all characters being pure human. I might change them to zodiacs or affinities or some such just to give the players more to work with.

Bought shrimps fresh off the boat today, enjoyed them with avocado, dill, lemon and mayonnaise on white bread. One of the best meals ever.

Of all public domain movies this is probably the best. It is probably even in the best ten movies of all time.

There is still no good Mastodon software for Linux?

So, I've been away from Mastodon for almost a year. What's new?

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