There is still no good Mastodon software for Linux?

@boilingsteam @kensanata Ok. so I've tested some of these very quickly. The only one I can get to work on my Linux MX is tootle and it is kind of simple and not really a satisfactory replacement for just using Mastodon in the browser.

Yes, it has been my preferred distro the last six months I think.

@gunnar Awesome! I was wanting to try it but the live USB had my mouse freeze completely. No input worked but the keyboard. I am set to blame the hardware (Lenovo Yoga of some kind - not the more linux friendly lappys). I have better Lenovo machines that I could try it on.

This was what was selling me on it esp in light of the thread above with electron apps for communication:

I really miss arbitrary tabbed windows!!!

Ah! I don't run it with fluxbox, but I've run it with several old laptops from Asus to Dell. I've been searching for the best distro for my old(ish) laptops and I found that MX always worked perfectly after install.

Btw they have an EXTREMELY welcoming and friendly community as well. At least that's my experience.

@gunnar Yeah, I recall Mepis from a long time ago and was happy with that...

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