I'm really no fan of using the commute as my office, but dammit this report won't write itself and I got places to be.

How hard can it be to make a clear, concise and understandable boardgame manual? According to it is pretty hard. These instructions are a mess.

Exactly! The 🐖-faced are better, meaner and more horrifying than the greenskin variant that has become more clichéd than the original.

Monsters and Manuals: Here, Piggy Piggy Piggy


Got my copy of today! A little dent in the box during transportation 😕 Mine is numbered 07976 of 10000. The minis look great! Looking forward to test it. Hopefully this weekend.

Fantastic! Too bad I have to work. And sleep. And eat. And stuff.

"GammaRay to Host Brothers Movie Marathon on

With films like 'One-Armed Swordsman' and 'The Five Deadly Venoms,' Shaw Brothers turned martial arts cinema into an international phenomenon."


Bill Sienkiewicz mashes David Lynch with Jack Nance as Henry Spencer from .

This was a figure that I initially didn't like, but as I added layer on layer to the skin and wings I couldn't stop smiling. The end result turned out quite nice I think. I shall name her Harriett the Harpy.


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