It is excellent! I'm usually not very fond of brown ales, but this was not so sweet and "caramelly" as some. A fresh ale.

I have a bunch of old minis that I don't know when was made or who produced them. Looking for a forum or a website that could help me get them identified.

I believe it is meant to be played recently.

3 most recent RPGs:
- Castles & Crusades
- Savage Worlds
- Fiasco

3 favorite RPGs, ever:
- Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
- D&D Basic
- Earthdawn

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
- Numenera
- Stars Without Number
- Call of Cthulhu

I arrived some time ago. Have been and probably will be a little on and off, but the fediverse is pretty perfect for what I want.

Do you know any good resources for quickly generating towns and cities? I need to figure out name, population, important buildings, important NPCs, governance, import/export and so forth. Preferably books with lots of tables, but web based tools is ok too.

So, yesterday's session of Castles & Crusades didn't go as it usually does. In four ours we squeezed in a hell of a lot of shopping, some drinking, quite a bit of investigating and only one puny fight. Also, I figured out I'm really not very good at being intimidating. Is it a good sign when the players laugh at the referee playing a tough guy? 😂

Just pick one that you like. If you find it didn't work for you it is pretty easy to switch. After a while you will find that you want to hack it. That's when the fun starts.

@BenKramer Yeah, but one might be a little more expensive than the other 😂

I've just realized that playing rpgs and buying rpgs is two completely separate hobbies.

When creating tables in LaTeX and you consistently write \bottomsrule instead of \bottomrule.

@jburneko I figured it had to be something like that. Wouldn't work at my table I think.

@jburneko Interesting. How would one make that work around a table I wonder?

@0x1C3B00DA If you click to uninstall them and select deactive, it will ask you to install the original version of the app. Answer OK. When it finish its thing click on Deactivate before doing anything else. This worked for me and most of them are gone (Gmail, Calendar and such). Some may be too integrated to actually delete I think. Anyway; my tablet became useful again.

Try removing Gmail, Calender, everything Google. It worked for me. I didn't flash it. :)

Oh! I didn't flash it or install anything. I just removed all apps from Google; Gmail, Currents, Calender... Everything. It is still running lots of third-party apps though.

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