@robert I can see that. I have lots of fantasy-themed games, and "need" more sci-fi-themed games... still not decided as you probably can tell πŸ˜ƒ

@robert and also, read that a game of Space! could take two hours or more. That's a lot more than Clank! has taken for my gaming group so far. We usually get through a couple of games in two hours. I prefer that.

@robert meanwhile I've read a little bit about the differences, and as I understand it Space! is a little more complex. I think love Clank! because it is pretty light - and perfect for casual play. So that might settle it for me.

@robert It is really good. Have you played Clank! in Space! ? I'm considering adding either that or original Clank! to my collection, but looking for input on which is better.

Yesterday we played ! It is probably one of the most fun games I know. The card drafting, combined with the board and carefully planned timing is pure genius. We also played for the first time. A pretty hard game with lots of fiddly bits, but nonetheless straight forward mechanics. I believe it is a fun game with some strategic merit, but need to play a lot more to be sure.

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I love the idea of the #fediverse, where there are all these different services that can all talk and share stuff on the same underlying framework.
The HUGE issue I'm having is I still have to make accounts on almost a dozen servers to be able to share different kinds of content. #Pixelfed for images, #mastodon for short messages, #Plume for blogging, and now #prismo for reddit-esk news.
Whatever happened to federated logins like #OpenID that let me use my main to sign into other sites? πŸ€”πŸ˜“

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#Trunk is a community-run directory of people on the Fediverse who are looking for followers:


It's opt-in, so people only get listed if they specifically ask to be there.

It's organised by topic, and you can follow individuals or the entire list for that category.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Fediverse

No, I will write in English. We play in Norwegian, but I think it will to much work translating the source.
@JubalBarca @kensanata

Tell me more! Will it post as its own user or to your personal account?

Bought a new mattress today. It's the most expensive mattress I've ever owned. It's only 7 in the evening, but I'm already considering going to bed.

@JubalBarca @kensanata I've not yet decided which particular system I will base it on. It will be distributed only to my players so I can easily pick and choose. At the moment I'm just trying to define some principles that I would like to see in my game, and I will attach some rules to them as needed. It is very much a project mostly just in my head atm.

@klaatu Yeah. Good point. It is my least favorite anyway. πŸ™‚

Very much inspired by @kensanata and his Halberds & Helmets I've been toying with the idea of compiling a booklet of rules for a planned old school campaign. I've come up with some tentative titles for the project, but can't decide which of these I like the most. What do the fediverse think?

* Vaults & Vagabonds
* Vaults & Vanguards
* Tombs & Troubles

@write_as @edheil Thanks to both of you again! I have testet write.as a little bit now in the free price plan and it looks perfect! I have tested one post so far and will write up a few more before I decide on which price is the best. I know I will want a domain so I will at least go for that (static pages and photo hosting is a good number two and three).

I got questions though:
* rss? How do I make it register in my feed reader?
* backdating? Can I post to a date in the past?

@write_as @edheil Thanks! It seems interesting. I have to do other life-stuff right now, but will look at it more soon. Will probably bother you again if I settle on it πŸ˜‰ Thanks for taking the time!

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