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My so slow it is nearly useless Nexus 7 tablet was renewed today. I removed all Google software on it and it now works like a charm. Nice one Google.

Helmets! They don't usually do anything and when they do it seems excessive (1 point of AC comes to mind). I'm still fiddling with my own rules and I came up with this. Whenever a blow brings your character to EXACTLY 0 hp wearing a helmet effectively keeps your character at 1 hp. Your helmet saved your life, as they should do, and you get one last chance.

@edheil There is an Export-button on the right side, just above the full view of the map.

Alternative Divine Spellcasting - Cleric reboot

This was really inspirational and might very well be what i will use for clerics in my own Vaults & Vagabonds-rules. I really dig how these simple rules joins Turn Undead and Spellcasting into the same concept, and how it opens up very creative choices for the cleric. Cool! I really like that level limit on opponents! Good idea, but I'm a little afraid of adding another level of complexity to it.

What is a better ability for fighters:
* Against creatures with 1HD or less, a Fighter makes one attack per level each round.
* When fighters strike a hit, they also deal half damage to all opponents surrounding them. (alt. deal damage equal to fighter level).

The first is the old way, the second is maybe more elegant, but potentially more powerful?

@boilingsteam Testing Whalebird. Looks like it refreshes the timeline every time I try to do a thing. Slow.

So, are there any good Mastodon clients for Linux?

@boilingsteam Not much to say so far, other than it just works, it is snappy and lightweight enough for my PC. I might not be competent to tell you much about it, but I got Lutris working at least. On my Linux Mint it wouldn't install at all. And I really like the MX Tools.

Oh. My. God.

Just installed MX Linux just to test another distro.

I think I just came my home.

If you haven't already I recommend checking out the modules from Ludibrium Games

Ah! Hommlet :)
But I think it is a pretty good way to start a campaign. But it is also a bit too fiddly and the time put into it would probably not pay off.

@lskh Yeah, the idea was to let the players decide which of the things I like we should play. I would let the different settings and modules bleed into each other and they could where they fancied. It got too big. Of course.

@kensanata Yes! This! I don't know why so many of the OSR-people embraced 5e? Ok, the starter set was pretty minimal, and the Player's Handbook is OK if you keep out some of the bloat, but the edition quickly escalated like they have done since 2nd ed. Also: the focus on Forgotten Realms is a big turn off for me.

@lskh I'm cleaning up my hard drive for a new Linux install and found it.

@lskh Hah! It is from some planning a couple of years ago, but I quickly had to scale it down. I have included Barakus. The Hated Pretender, The Dread Machine and The Yellow Lands in my current campaign.

It's baffling how e-mail is still considered viable as a method for news and advertisement. I auto delete almost everything that is not from an actual person.

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