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@Garrison Even better: a half quarterling is probably a octoling.

My six year old son and I are playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Switch. Besides Switch quickly becoming my favorite gaming console and Breath of the Wild being one of the best video games ever, I'm quite stumped that he is so much better than me. Sign of my age I guess.

Just rewatched My Neighbor Totoro with the kids. Hands down the best animated kids' movie ever made.

I didn't get when everyone was talking about it, but Skerples' latest Many Rats on Sticks-version is pretty cool. My guess is it works very well at the table too. My only gripe is with the "races" that I would probably skip for all characters being pure human. I might change them to zodiacs or affinities or some such just to give the players more to work with.

@Garrison I thought Clinton played sax? I don't know how Peaches would sound with saxophone though...

@boilingsteam @kensanata Ok. so I've tested some of these very quickly. The only one I can get to work on my Linux MX is tootle and it is kind of simple and not really a satisfactory replacement for just using Mastodon in the browser.

@kensanata thanks! I'll give these a go later today.

@kensanata nothing wrong with the browser, I just felt like trying out and see if there was other tools to use. Thanks for pointing out Pinafore and Brutaldon!

Bought shrimps fresh off the boat today, enjoyed them with avocado, dill, lemon and mayonnaise on white bread. One of the best meals ever.

Of all public domain movies this is probably the best. It is probably even in the best ten movies of all time.

There is still no good Mastodon software for Linux?

So, I've been away from Mastodon for almost a year. What's new?


It is excellent! I'm usually not very fond of brown ales, but this was not so sweet and "caramelly" as some. A fresh ale.

I have a bunch of old minis that I don't know when was made or who produced them. Looking for a forum or a website that could help me get them identified.

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