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re-do for pinning purposes. I'm Brad Murray, of VSCA Publishing and I make and am a . Currently working on Elysium Flare. I wear all the hats.

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: Brad Murray, Game designer, part-time amateur artist, and pro grade procrastinator. diaspora, Hollowpoint, Callisto, Deluge.

♲ On the newest episode of @FarriersBellows, Zack and Diana claim the final rose with Kagematsu, a classic story game of romance, power imbalance, and gender. It’s also just really damn fun. Check out the episode here:…

Cc: @PaulCzege (for Danielle).…

Biological determinism has been used for centuries as a weapon against women, in order to justify a second-class and oppressed status. How on Earth, then, are you going to pick up the weapon of biological determinism and use it against trans women, to 'liberate' yourself? It’s a reactionary tool.”

From TransSisters: The Journal of Transsexual Feminism, issue 7, volume 1. 1995.

Holy shit you guys did you see that started a tabletop gaming forum? With specific subforums for indie RPGs like Apocalypse World and Belonging Outside Belonging? And has forum categories that look suspiciously like the Forge?

This is an interesting development

If you're trying to figure out where to talk Diaspora with the G+ community evaporating, you could certainly do worse than the VSCA discord.

I've done a hundred and it feels like a lot but it also feels like there's pretty much zero coverage of the possibilities. Go to a thousand or talk process instead?

I just spent half an hour curating random nouns. Each one is something I feel could be the seed for a whole setting.

I'm quiet cause I'm working. Sand Dogs very close, Soft Horizon Handbook outline is developing, and I'm making covers for something else (which is how these things all start for me).

Someone: "Science is a precise and exact thing with definite answers that everyone in the field agrees on"

Chemists: Haha no

Physicists: *maniacal laughing*

Linguists: *fistfighting each other whilst cackling like hyenas*

The CEO of GoFundMe is sitting on top of the obvious evidence that our health care system is broken.

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More than 40 new indie rpgs came out just in January 2019. James & Lloyd have picked out six to give a second look, but which one is exciting you the most?

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