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I have made updates to my game "Deeds, not Words" after the first playtest. I have not played yet with these rules, but they are not a big change and the first ones worked ok in the first place.

There are more changes and improvements to make (esp. in the character sheet), but I'm happy with the direction:


If you read it or try it out, tell me what you think! Take into account this is my first game, though 😅

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See all the material for my game Black Wolf here:


It's a set of rules for dark fantasy. One could argue it's a (big) hack of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition to adapt it to dark fantasy. It should result in a more narrative *and* realistic/dangerous style of play.

Rules: hardcorenarrativist.org/black-

Character sheet: hardcorenarrativist.org/black-

Combat example: hardcorenarrativist.org/black-

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I've written some RPG software (see hardcorenarrativist.org/sectio), but the two programs I'm most proud of are:

* Lyre, a program to show images and maps, and play audio while you narrate (in person around a table): hardcorenarrativist.org/lyre/

* NARROWS, a program to run diceless, ruleless RPGs online, in writing. A cross between TTRPGs and Choose You Own Adventure books: hardcorenarrativist.org/narrow

Unfortunately, both are erver-side webapps so you need technical knowledge (and a server) to install them 😕

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I have been playing RPGs for many years, although I have very little time for it now.

I'm mostly into drama/storytelling, and mostly don't care about rules/mechanics (unless they directly support drama and storytelling). I tend to like narrative indie RPGs but when playing tabletop I've mostly used (very basic) Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.

Setting-wise, I like horror and dark fantasy but I like other stuff, too.

I have a site for all my RPG stuff: hardcorenarrativist.org/

Alright, friends! I'm ready to launch my slow-paced #RoleGate #GUTSPlus #RPG campaign!

The campaign is "Mother Earth," the flagship GUTS+ campaign, designed to have the tone of Nintendo's #Earthbound / Mother series, and features a fully custom storyline with many branching paths and unique NPC characters.

If you're interested check out the setup posts and join the game if you want to play:


And of course, the GUTS+ Player's Handbook is here:

Hey I wrote a thing that makes calling your elected representatives slightly less awful: Phones of Glory. It is free because I want you to make some calls! drivethrurpg.com/product/25232

Getchu somebody that looks at you like this birb looks at this other birb

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En Garde! -- if you can figure out how to make a character and send it my way, you can be in the alpha playtest.


(We'll -- that is, Chris Bennett and I -- be posting updates to en-garde-rpg.tumblr.com/ -> so if you don't want to play, you can still follow the narrative there.)

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The story was about an outpost in Mars, and a ship coming from Earth with crucial resources for the outpost's survival. The wanderer was an "explorer" from the outpost who went to rescue the ship from Earth, which after an accident it had landed far from the outpost.

Long story short, it ended up with everyone dead, much of the resources wasted, and the outpost doomed because of it. Very bleak!

Tried "The Wanderer and the Waste" (can't find the link now, sorry) yesterday. It's a mini story game for two people about a perilous journey. The mechanics were quite disappointing, it felt like it hasn't been playtested (either that, or the mood is "it's practically guaranteed that the Wanderer will lose all challenges in the second half").

Still, we made an interesting story so it was worth the hour and half or so that we used on it.

We are currently having a discussion on the F-Droid forum about letting apps toot to the Fediverse. This would be used to share app changelogs, and eventually display comments from the Fediverse inside the F-Droid app. Unfortunately, none of us has experience with Mastodon/Pleroma development, so it would be very helpful if a developer could give some input.

The thread is rather long, so feel free to make a comment here or on the forum and we will give you specific questions we have.


#mastodev #pleromadev #fdroid

Mastercard is selling anonymized data collected from users' purchases.

If you own a mastercard or maestro card you can opt out here: mastercard.us/en-us/about-mast

The wording is confusing, as it sounds like you are deactivating anonymization, but the page title is "Data Analytics Opt-Out". It must be Mastercard final attempt at preventing you from doing it.

Finally reading The One Ring (got it in the Humble Book Bundle; still active if you're interested! humblebundle.com/books/lord-of).

I'm starting to get why people seem to agree it's a great system, and very Tolkienian (?). I haven't read a whole lot yet, but I'm really liking what I see.

It feels realistic, very preoccupied with why the characters go "adventuring" in the first place, the cultural differences between countries/races, social abilities like riddle and awe, stats like hope... I dig it.

I have been programming since like 1985 and I just realized this minute that a "corner case" is, like, where an edge case hits another edge case and gets even weirder. I've been using "edge case" and "corner case" as synonyms without ever thinking about it.

Introducing Botfriend, a Python library for managing creative bots. Botfriend handles scheduling and posting to different services, letting you focus on the creative part of botmaking. I use it to run thirty Twitter/Mastodon bots, and I've tried to make it really easy to get started.


I made another RPG this month, this time about faerie lords who were exiled from the fey realm (possibly because you destroyed it).

Now you are a creepy nightmare reature wandering the desert, using magic bells to lure victims I to the sand wastes so you can slaughter them and steal their memories.


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I am a queer, trans, non-binary person.

I am also in the closet offline for personal safety reasons - if you met me, you'd see someone who looked like a man. This is so I can live and work in my area in relative physical safety.

I'd like to hear from others in similar situations - I can't be the only one, but I'm feeling somewhat short on solidarity.

Is anyone else out there, especially in the UK and especially over the age of 25, in a similar situation?

I am sick of hiding so please boost.

I have made some improvements to my game "Deeds, not Words" about the suffragettes:


Among other things, now there's a description of what each attribute means, and there are two rule examples that help understand the game better (you do have an example play document, but it's a different document and it's the whole game).

I still have two spots left for an online role-playing game. The genre is dark/low fantasy, and the setting is The Young Kingdoms.

We'll use NARROWS (hardcorenarrativist.org/narrow) so it's all text based and will need around 15-20 minutes per week. You can play whenever you want.

There are no rules no learn, and it doesn't matter if you don't know the setting. I'll explain everything you need to know (which isn't much).