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ICYMI, my game "Deeds, not Words" (about the English suffragettes, although it really can be used for almost any activist group) is available for free at:

The couple of playtests I've had have gone really well and I'm happy enough with it to publish the first version on DriveThruRPG (as soon as I get the cover from the artist). See also the game's page on RPGGeek:

If you read it or play it, please give feedback!

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See all the material for my game Black Wolf here:

It's a set of rules for dark fantasy. One could argue it's a (big) hack of Call of Cthulhu 7th edition to adapt it to dark fantasy. It should result in a more narrative *and* realistic/dangerous style of play.


Character sheet:

Combat example:

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I've written some RPG software (see, but the two programs I'm most proud of are:

* Lyre, a program to show images and maps, and play audio while you narrate (in person around a table):

* NARROWS, a program to run diceless, ruleless RPGs online, in writing. A cross between TTRPGs and Choose You Own Adventure books:

Unfortunately, both are erver-side webapps so you need technical knowledge (and a server) to install them 😕

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I have been playing RPGs for many years, although I have very little time for it now.

I'm mostly into drama/storytelling, and mostly don't care about rules/mechanics (unless they directly support drama and storytelling). I tend to like narrative indie RPGs but when playing tabletop I've mostly used (very basic) Call of Cthulhu 7th ed.

Setting-wise, I like horror and dark fantasy but I like other stuff, too.

I have a site for all my RPG stuff:

Our goal is to have 69 creators at the same time doing the sale to help share some support! Spread the love!

If you join the fray, tag me & I can add you to the collections on our pages! If you can't afford sale prices, go to or directly or refresh cookies after clicking sales link to get you back to them!

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Are there really _that_ many people who own a tarot deck?

I find a surprising amount of RPGs that use tarot decks, and I always ignore them because I don't have one (and I don't intend to buy one either).

I'm starting to wonder if it's me who is the weird one that doesn't own a tarot deck, and not the other way around 😅

So, they told me officially ended. Here there are the results! 🗺️🌍2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣9️⃣

Did you do this when I suggested it?
If you want to do something today, open a game you love to the list of playtesters. Find one or two who you know online and tell them thanks. They had a flawed experience with the game so it could ultimately be one you love.

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Hey, folks, I'm having a bit of trouble making ends meet this month, so if you wouldn't mind buying some of my games at or that would be great. And if you aren't in the mood to buy something, could you at least boost the post, please? Thanks a lot!

Also it was my first experience playing story games over videoconference, so that was exciting 😁

The story we ended up with was again pretty different from the other two I had played, so that was another positive thing.

Had another playtest of "Deeds, not Words" (my game about the suffragettes and civil rights activists, see yesterday.

It was loads of fun! It worked really well, and it was the first GM-less RPG experience for the other two players. One of them doubted his own creativity and was concerned that it might be hard to come up with scenes and such, and also they didn't know anything about the suffragettes, but everything went fine and that player didn't even use the prompts!

In case you're interested, I updated the blog post talking about "The poison of suspicion", my last game, to add pictures of my initial design notes. If you're interested in creative processes and such, it should be nice to look at! Not claiming that's a good way to design, but if you're as obsessed as me with thought processes, it's always fun to peek at how something came to be:

The game itself:

My favorite session of was Whitney Delaglio's Prism. Lots of designers and world-builders are technicians. Whitney is an artist. She's been doing her Prism comic for years and when you play the Prism game it's clear the world she made is super personal to her.

I made a quick translation of my new game "The poison of suspicion", available here:

It's a game for two players about life and forgiveness. It takes around one hour to play.

It's about a person who gets poisoned, and the person who did it. The players alternate scenes narrating what made the victim's life worth living, and the justifications the poisoner uses to avoid guilt.

If you play it, give me a shout!

Just sent the final version of the game ("Mistankens gift", or "The poison of suspicion" in English) to the competition.

The results are published next Friday. Excited!

The beginning was difficult, because there's a certain amount of worldbuilding you have to do (you start from scratch, not even choosing a setting), but the prompts are extremely useful and after two scenes or so, and establishing some basic things, it became a lot easier and more enjoyable.

I have the final layout and a cover and everything (bless the British Library Flickr account), looking forward to sending it on Sunday. I'll translate it to English, maybe next week 🙂

I just finished my first playtesting session of "The poison of suspicion", my new game about a person that gets poisoned, and their poisoner.

We made up a story about a Roman soldier (Marco) who deserted the army to join the Persians. He became the replacement of a Persian commander (Kuruš) who was demoted, and Kuruš decided to kill him (by poisoning).

Marco ended up dead, and Kuruš remain convinced of the righteousness of his actions, and won his position as commander back.

It was great!

I have a first more or less final version of the main text for my new game "Mistankens gift" ("The poison of suspicion", a tiny game for two players about a person who gets poisoned, and their poisoner), together with illustrations and layout. Also character sheets! Although those need someone to read through.

It's in Norwegian for now, but I'll translate to English probably next week, once the game jam is over.

Please reshare and reply:

3 most recent RPGs:
•Immortal Beloved
•For the Queen

3 favorite RPGs, ever:
•With Great Power
•Serial Homicide Unit
•My Life with Master

3 most want-to-play RPGs:
•Mobile Frame Zero: Firebrands
•The King is Dead

OMG I have a first, super rough first draft of the rules for my game jam game!

As it stands right now it's probably impossible to understand and play, and it lacks examples, a character sheet, and prompts and ideas for the scenes.

But rules might change and I still have a whole week ahead of me (half of the game jam), so I'm pretty happy with the progress.

I played one game against myself and I thought it was ok. Excited!

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