The playtest for Deeds, not Words ( went fantastically well! Highlights:

* Like in the first playtest session, the two other players didn't have any special knowledge of the suffragettes, and didn't have problems playing.

* The rules worked really well and were clear.

* The changes I made since last time (new character sheet, prompts/ideas for inspiration) worked really well.

* The story was radically different, so I'm confident about the games' replayability!

I noticed some things that could be explained better in the rules, so I'll add some extra notes to make sure the point of the different mechanics is clear.

For example, make it clear that the end result of the clash chapters has to be good for the women's suffrage movement (even if it's symbolically) on clash success, and bad in case of failure. I'll explain it better in the actual rules, now I'm too tired to express myself clearly 😅

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