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Alex Roberts

I'm running Bluebeard's Bride in January and everyone's very excited but I have never run a PbtA game before and I don't know much about horror so we shall see

I'm Alex. I value being present, creative, and compassionate and I like RPGs and Larp as a way to help do that.

I host an interview podcast called Backstory, on the ONE SHOT network.

I work for Bully Pulpit Games, in a variety of microroles. We're going to publish a game I designed called Tension. It's about loving someone you don't know how to love.

I mostly write silly stuff on twitter so we'll see what happens here

People are sharing this thing like "what would you keep/discard from a standard fantasy setting if you were designing your own?"

I want absurdly beautiful people holding ridiculously elaborate objects wearing offensively pretty clothes, scrap the rest tbh

also hi i'm alex