Some old screenshots of our group playing . I play Alrazzi Kowalski, the pilot but not the captain of the freighter Prosperous Cheetah. He's a Zenithian who rejected their ways and the traditions of his mycologist family trade.

@hishgraphics How do you like this game? I got it for Christmas and, it’s interesting. The layout of the book is beautiful, but it’s rather busy so I kept putting off reading all the lore (which is fantastic).

At some point I’d like to run a character in it, but it feels like it’s so HUGE to run!

@dmtales I've been only playing, not running, but I like the setting. Cut off from the rest of the galaxy's gate network, the players will start off thinking this is an Arabian Nights in Space kind of deal with a whole lot of faction intrigue and adventure. Then, you can feed them more mindbending elements like the Dark Between the Stars and legacy of the Icons in the setting...

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