Delivery van arrived earlier today. It brought with it the starter set boxes of The One Ring, Alien and Star Trek Adventures .

I think Anya might be the youngest player in the world, as Mei Mei the Kid, while Irfan is Dr. Maxwell Karmo the Medic. Mei Mei used her laser pointer to meowcat an alien scout away from her, but froze because PANIC ROLL! But Karmo managed to pull her out of the room! She screams. Dr. Karmo loses it and runs for cover, but thankfully they got the door shut.

Eid Mubarak! My old school mates and I went out to catch-up at the hometown on Eid eve. (One of them was even a Laconic Scout in my Star Wars D6 campaign when we were teens, 782 years ago.)

Some old screenshots of our group playing . I play Alrazzi Kowalski, the pilot but not the captain of the freighter Prosperous Cheetah. He's a Zenithian who rejected their ways and the traditions of his mycologist family trade.

Last night we played DELTA GREEN, continuing the published scenario "Viscid". We tried to be an effective animal control team, but an FBI doctor, a former rotorcraft tech and an anthropologist? Led to some near-slapstick hijinks with some otherworldly creature that was... otherworldly. Thankfully we survived.

I don't play Star Trek Online, but my son does. These shots are gorgeous. I need to bring a little of that into my Star Trek Adventures TTRPG sessions.

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