@AudreyWinter I made my first unboxing video with them. I hope the mic is able to pick up my voice with the strange dialect. youtu.be/khZZ8R-bM-Y

@greuh I hope so. Getting people to the table is the problem these days.

Delivery van arrived earlier today. It brought with it the starter set boxes of The One Ring, Alien and Star Trek Adventures .

I think Anya might be the youngest player in the world, as Mei Mei the Kid, while Irfan is Dr. Maxwell Karmo the Medic. Mei Mei used her laser pointer to meowcat an alien scout away from her, but froze because PANIC ROLL! But Karmo managed to pull her out of the room! She screams. Dr. Karmo loses it and runs for cover, but thankfully they got the door shut.

Here's a process video of my sketching of our player characters on a mission aboard the Danube class Runabout USS Moonstar. This was after they were attacked psionically, then designed an anti-psi defense helmet. Everyone couldn't stop laughing when I showed them what the helmets look like.


Eid Mubarak! My old school mates and I went out to catch-up at the hometown on Eid eve. (One of them was even a Laconic Scout in my Star Wars D6 campaign when we were teens, 782 years ago.)

@dmtales I've been only playing, not running, but I like the setting. Cut off from the rest of the galaxy's gate network, the players will start off thinking this is an Arabian Nights in Space kind of deal with a whole lot of faction intrigue and adventure. Then, you can feed them more mindbending elements like the Dark Between the Stars and legacy of the Icons in the setting...

Some old screenshots of our group playing . I play Alrazzi Kowalski, the pilot but not the captain of the freighter Prosperous Cheetah. He's a Zenithian who rejected their ways and the traditions of his mycologist family trade.

Last night we played DELTA GREEN, continuing the published scenario "Viscid". We tried to be an effective animal control team, but an FBI doctor, a former rotorcraft tech and an anthropologist? Led to some near-slapstick hijinks with some otherworldly creature that was... otherworldly. Thankfully we survived.

I don't play Star Trek Online, but my son does. These shots are gorgeous. I need to bring a little of that into my Star Trek Adventures TTRPG sessions.

@pookie I have this in my shopping cart. Should I? Shouldn't I?

@dungeonlibrary In my longest Star Wars RPG campaign, I used to create my own scenarios. I think out of 70+ scenarios, I only ran perhaps 4 published ones.

Downloading Linux Mint 20.3 "Una"...

... just in time for Star Trek Strange New Worlds.

@craigmaloney I play Delta Green Friday night and got Star Trek Adventures (run) and Vampire the Requiem (play) alternating on Sundays. I have Cortex Prime, and the Alien and Dune RPGs standing by but have yet to actually run any of them.

BLOG ARCHIVES: Exactly 4 years ago I ran my last Edge of the Empire adventure for my son. Wasn't the best session I ran, but here's the write-up on my blorrg. Guest NPC: "Fulcrum" played by one Mr. Diego Luna.


Besides teaching English with in class, I've also been trying to advocate the use of them for language learning & acquisition with other teachers. Thus my attempts to play various games with my colleagues. This recording is a session using a Year Zero Mini variant rules. Genre: Modern espionage. It's about an hour long. Most of them have never played a tabletop rpg before! Check it out.


Meanwhile here's some black and white comic style artwork I did for Imperfekt Gammes' Invulnerable RPG.


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