ironically the greatest obstacle for research into historical sewers for a fantastic undercity is the glut of sewer maps for fantasy settings that bear no particular relation to how sewers actually function

to have a properly multilevel undercity you need distinct reasons for each layer i think

so like
- cthonic temples of a vanished civilization cut into the living rock beneath one of their cities
- that city passes out of habitation and memory, a middle civilization builds atop it
- nearby river changes course, flooding buries the low-lying parts of that city
- rebuilt with lots of hydraulic infrastructure
- canals and stream sewers of that city are vaulted over and the current city built on top

@iolbs If you haven't read it already, Peter Ackroyd's London Under London: The Secret History Beneath the Streets has a wealth of information about the tunnel systems under London including the sewers. I believe it also includes historical maps. Good luck.

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