thoughts about system math

i like (2/3 level) + 1 and 1/3 level for saves better than (1/2 level) +2 and 1/3 level, though i don't think it has much of an impact on the game math below level 12 (above that i think it improves pc chances against tougher and tougher monster save dcs, a change i'm fine with)


i am UNDECIDED about folding BAB into fort/ref the way i had previously talked about. this may be a simplification where none was really needed and would take away from the effectiveness of 1:1 and 3:4 classes

i think the way i want to use skill checks is as "proactive saves," the way some people talk about running the b/x thief skills; everyone has a chance not to be surprised, but the b/x thief gets their chance to hear noise before then while scouting ahead. all checks are trained checks, only make one if failure is meaningful

for example
- anyone can save to avoid falling, but a skilled balancer or climber only needs to if they fail their skill check
- anyone can save to recover, but a patient only needs to if the healer fails

with that said, changes to skills:
- skills you make checks for are "ranked skills," where bonus is ranks + ability mod. max ranks = char level.
- other skills (previously feats)
- classes give certain skills as core skills, regardless of advancement.
- classes have lists of related skills, multiclass chars on their first level choose what skills they want from the new list and discard half of their untrained related skills (from either class)

- ranked skills cost 1 point per rank if they're related, otherwise 2 points.
- unranked skills (feats) cost 1 point plus 1 for every non-core unranked skill you already have.
- start with skill points = half your INT, from your background list or related to your class
- gaining 2nd level and above, skill points are based on class, with a minimum of one-third your INT per level. this represents freedom to train outside the core skills of the class.

honestly, thinking about this makes me feel like getting rid of BAB, making weapons (and unarmed combat) into ranked skills and giving martial classes a budget of skill points reserved for fighting skills

i was initially opposed to weapon as skill bc you could wind up with fighters who didnt put enough points in weapons to be good at hitting things but this, i feel, may fix that

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