At Le Day Job, I've created a role-play exercise, CRITIQUE THIS ELEPHANT, to teach better design critique skills to my coworkers.
Half the group were designers with a design to be critiqued (in this case an incorrectly drawn elephant). The other half were critics. Each critic had instructions to embody a bad critiquing practice. We then roleplayed critiquing the elephants, with a facilitator correcting the critics on unhelpful feedback.
Anyone else used roleplay to train coworkers?

Gaming is full of wonderful people.
It seems important to remind ourselves that given current events. Sometimes one asshole can make things look really bleak when they're really not.
Thank you all for being awesome.

How do you feel about games that come as a book + deck of cards, e.g. The Quiet Year or Durance?

Part 2: How do you feel about the cards being required vs. optional?

What do you do to bounce back when you hit a major wall with a project & feel discouraged?

When I first read this headline my reaction was, "What. The nordic countries have LARP shrinks?!" Well they do, but not the way I thought...

I'm going to be running casual, pub night D&D, and I wonder what other people do to make this a good experience for the players.

How do you adapt -type games for casual play in distracting environments?

What's better: taking a year to make one idea, or three years to work on three ideas all at once?

Pedro Medeiros, who did an awesome series on animation, now has a series of tutorials on pixel art. Badass.

We have games that use Jenga, but I don't know of any that use dominoes. Maybe that's because nobody's done a game where you knock over dominoes as a mechanic yet.

A contest to design a game based on a work from 1923 that enters public domain today.

Last night's gaming equippage. Ended up playing Tomato Mato, A Fake Artist Goes to New York, and the Grizzled. The Grizzled is an outstanding co-op game if ya haven't tried it.

That Nordic larp about alcoholism where you die when the bottle is empty is still the best game mechanic I've ever seen.

Used _The Wizard's Inheritance_ by Evlyn Moreau to ad lib treasure in my Pathfinder game last night. It'll be fun figuring out each of these things actually does.

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