How do you feel about games that come as a book + deck of cards, e.g. The Quiet Year or Durance?

Part 2: How do you feel about the cards being required vs. optional?

@jackomatik if the cards aren't common ones _and_ are required it often is extremely bad for overseas customers.

@bapf Because of shipping rates or some other reason?

@jackomatik exactly. They are horrendous sometimes.

@jackomatik I like this format. I like it even better, in theory, if the cards are optional, or something I can print myself. That said, I am even more likely to buy physical copies in this format than physical books, as there's no advantage to a physical book over a PDF to me, but there's a clear advantage to a nicely printed deck of cards over a crappy deck I have to print and cut out myself (or even a game that benefits from cards but doesn't require them).

@jackomatik I haven't played it yet, but I got Aces & Eights not too long ago, and it uses a deck of cards for determining hit locations.

@Illithilich I'm checking out the hit location table now... it's blackjack! Also the books look just like the Time Life Old West series from the eighties, which is kind of awesome. Thanks for sharing.

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