Signal boosting the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle with some added content for my game; please support and help the bundle smash its latest target.

Yesterday in our one shot club, we learned that the dance of the Jewelled Faun Fox may attract the greedy Fairy Bear to the water's edge and lead to a walk of shame from their cave the next morning

I need fanart for this serial, the characters are iconic and need more representation!

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Gender is like Pokémon: fake, widely enjoyed, sometimes you hide them away in little balls, sometimes they evolve, often times people make them fight eachother, you can feed them little treats if you want, some people go out collecting them, others just have one or two, you usually get your first one from your parents or someone in a lab coat, kids your age teach you how to use them, they can kill you if you're not careful

While I would love for Ncuti to fly solo for his first outing, I can see a scenario where he gets advice from his past selves, just kind of revisiting them in his head to determine what sort of man he is this time. Best of combo of multi-doctor & solo adventure!

OMG; the bundle has already almost reached twice the second goal! 😯

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Wooop! Passed the first threshold already, onto the next!

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Playing Flesh & Spirit again, with the Angel of Death bound to the wishes of a lonely young woman

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