One freshly minted back-cover blurb for Troublemakers! Mmm, breathe in that new game smell!

If you are familiar with the mechanics of PbtA games, there's enough here to get at least a one-shot game out of it. Feel free to ask me question about this, but the full release, which should follow soon, will hopefully answer them.

The final piece of microfiction I wanted to put in the Troublemakers core rules is complete; now to polish that back cover blurb.

After a lot of procrastination (I first playtested this game abut 10 years ago...) I am finally ready to release Troublemakers upon the world at large, my PbtA game of childhood adventures, including everything from ET and The Goonies to Stand By Me and Stranger Things. The demo set will release soon, featuring two playsets created by Jack Reilly, which will provide a free preview of all 12 playbooks and the basic moves in a slightly stripped down form.

I am pleased with this cover; now I just need to write the game that goes with it.
Cover photo by Alex Holen on Unsplash
Chopped Icon by Robin Lopez from

Finished the last two Style classes for my next game, so the only major task now is completing the GM's Toolkit chapter

New game campaign starts tonight! Fantasy with a twist, based on some tropes taken to the Nth degree...

is here and I don't know which part of his work I want to share, there are so many good bits to choose from. Let's go with these words...

Should I just upload a new game on itch to mark my arrival here? I've got one ready to go but it was gonna be my May release and doing it now might miss the crowds...

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