OMG, I am just reading this short story and it is absolutely breaking my heart! Everything about it is just sweet & charming

Here we go, at last; Troublemakers is here! A project that has been close to my heart for many years and a favourite among the limited audience who have been such dedicated playtesters, now you too can create a spectrum of kids' adventure stories!

Nanny State: A small town is the beneficiary of a local citizen made good as a tech billionaire and is the test bed for their AI network, but is the AI as friendly as it seems? And who are the mysterious 'guardian angels' who pop up in the nick of time to save the kids? 4/4

World of Adventure: The kids of colonists on an alien world explore it, making friends with the local fauna and discovering the secrets of a long-passed ancient civilisation. 3/4

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You Must Be This Tall: a semi-episodic campaign, where a bunch of kids explore a haunted amusement park and try to lift the unique curse on each ride & attraction by laying old ghosts to rest. (Thanks to Hamish Steele
for Dead End: Paranormal Park 😁) 2/4

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A thread of campaign ideas I am contemplating running using Troublemakers... 1/4

Woooo.... dug up some old posts about Troublemakers on the Barf Forth Apocalyptica forums! Reading some of this takes me back!

One freshly minted back-cover blurb for Troublemakers! Mmm, breathe in that new game smell!

If you are familiar with the mechanics of PbtA games, there's enough here to get at least a one-shot game out of it. Feel free to ask me question about this, but the full release, which should follow soon, will hopefully answer them.

Here we go... it's the demo version of Troublemakers, my PbtA game of childhood adventures. This is just a taster of the full game, with a look at the basic moves and a couple of playsets with ideas and character outlines.

The final piece of microfiction I wanted to put in the Troublemakers core rules is complete; now to polish that back cover blurb.

After a lot of procrastination (I first playtested this game abut 10 years ago...) I am finally ready to release Troublemakers upon the world at large, my PbtA game of childhood adventures, including everything from ET and The Goonies to Stand By Me and Stranger Things. The demo set will release soon, featuring two playsets created by Jack Reilly, which will provide a free preview of all 12 playbooks and the basic moves in a slightly stripped down form.

Signal boosting the TTRPGs for Reproductive Rights bundle with some added content for my game; please support and help the bundle smash its latest target.

Yesterday in our one shot club, we learned that the dance of the Jewelled Faun Fox may attract the greedy Fairy Bear to the water's edge and lead to a walk of shame from their cave the next morning

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