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I'd love to see this beautiful Tarot card game become a reality, so please consider backing it

I am pleased with this cover; now I just need to write the game that goes with it.
Cover photo by Alex Holen on Unsplash
Chopped Icon by Robin Lopez from

I am looking forward to seeing The Very Pulse of the Machine animated in this style, it's a good short story

OK, another game for LUMEN Jam 2, because why not? This is a cinematic superheroes concept I've struggled to write for years in many forms, but it might have found a home at last.

In amongst all the flutter about the 14th Doctor, don't forget there's some current new Doctor Who to enjoy!

Finished the last two Style classes for my next game, so the only major task now is completing the GM's Toolkit chapter

We played Singles & Returns; I was a major general, travelling on a genie-driven bus with a scarecrow and a high school boy. Lots of tear-jerking moments and pathos and I ended up staying on the bus!

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😃 when someone asks me if I want to play a game
😍 when it's a game I've written

Working on another game for the ; technically, this was the first game I started working on, but then it paused when I had an idea for a second one and finished the latter first.

New game campaign starts tonight! Fantasy with a twist, based on some tropes taken to the Nth degree...

I'm just going to keep signal boosting this every episode, because it's some of the best the BBC has produced in at least the last 12 months

New Month, New Game: Singles & Returns is a very light about taking the bus through Ghibli country and talking to the other passengers about your life. Then you get off. That's all. Enjoy!

Just a heads up, I love connecting with marginalized creators, especially Trans creators, artists and writers, who love tabletop roleplaying games. Let me know who I have to follow at!

I made a game for LUMEN Jam 2 on itch; it's a surrealist superhero-like action game with some mechanics inspired by deck-building games. Players use a shared deck created by their chosen character types, then draft cards from that deck every round.

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