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22: How do you document ideas?

I carry a fistful of blank playing cards in my pocket, and I jot notes on them. Best note-taking tool I've ever found and yes, I do also use Evernote.

21 - How many playtests?

Once Upon a Time was in playtest for two and a half years before we pitched it to Atlas. Baron Munchausen, two. Not two years, two playtests. Some designs need it, some don't.

20: What tools do you use?

A small form-factor computer. I wrote Munchausen and two Warhammer novels on a palmtop. Buy a cheap second-hand netbook, install Linux, Libreoffice, Dropbox and nothing else, then use it everywhere.

19 - Game most essential to your design

Sandman: Map of Halaal (Pacesetter, 1985). It was a game that tried to change the entire concept of what an RPG was and could be. It had some brilliant ideas. It failed completely in the market, but it still intrigues me.

13: Major influences on my games design thinking. Impro by Keith Johnstone. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. Dungeons & Dragons by Gygax and Arneson. TAZ by Hakim Bey. Life: a User's Manual by Georges Perec. Cell Z.

I had a mentor, an experienced and innovative designer. He derailed my career for four years, and continued to try to derail it after I told him to shove it and started my own company. Get me drunk, I'll tell you the story

Day six: favourite mechanic. Easy: the Ghost Die in the Ghostbusters RPG. So simple, so intuitive, so disruptive, so much narrative potential. We stole it wholesale for the Paranoia reboot, where it works perfectly.

Day 5: Favourite game I've worked on? I try hard to only work on games I like. But the game I'm proudest of publishing is Nobilis 2e.

All issues of Interactive Fantasy, 'the journal of interactive storytelling and game narrative' that Andrew Rilstone and I produced in the 1990s, are now downloadable for free from DriveThruRPG

You might very well think that I'm just bragging, but I couldn't possibly comment.

A client has flown me to Vienna to run a full-day workshop to help him and his crew design the mechanics for their forthcoming tabletop RPG. Tomorrow I run my board games masterclass at a venue in the Museums Quarter. Right now I am broadly of the opinion that we should all move to Vienna, because they seem to be Doing It Right.

Quick heads-up: I'm running my three-hour game-design masterclass in Reading (UK) and Vienna (Austria) next month, and tickets are still available for both. More info here:

If anyone's interested, my Game Design Masterclass is running twice in March: in Reading (UK) on the 5th, and in Vienna on the 26th. More information here:

Looking for recommendations of good games-related postcasts. Not specifically rupping, or even tabletop, just good.

Who's going to be at Dragonmeet (central London) on Saturday? Anyone? I'm launching Alas Vegas at booth H7; swing by and say hi.

Not strictly speaking about RPGs, and only of interest to UK people, but the next session of my games-design masterclass has been announced. It's at Draughts in London on 20th January. Tickets:

Hi all. I'm a gamer, playtester and designer from Poland, co-author of the infamous The Beast (I have sex with the Beast it's a secret).

I overthink everything.

So does this Mastodon have any rules on self-promotion, asks a man who's about to release an RPG?

Has anyone ever done an RPG or story-game about the Suffragettes?

Signing bookplates. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of bookplates.

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