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Jan-Yves @jan@dice.camp

Every time I’ve played _Society of Dreamers_ in the past, it’s been with a group of five people, the majority of whom I’ve played games with heaps before.

Tonight I try it in a group of three, and I’ve never roleplayed with either of my fellow players.

It’s gonna be educational.

Who is this guy Brent and why does he have so much crude oil?

I'm thinking of running some good old fantasy dungeon crawling using Dungeon World, but hoping to get away from Tolkein when it comes to species/races. What are some good inspirations for/examples of non-traditional species that work well in this sort of game?

Might have to raid China Mieville for a few ideas...

All RPG work curtailed by our moving into a house with STREET NOISE situated facing a train station after three decades of living in cul-de-sacs.

Dear fediverse: Facebook messenger is obviously a bit of a canker on the bark of the internet, but apparently no one likes XMPP these days? What do the cool kids use for instant messaging?

Being an adult means non-ironically saying “I might have a free evening three weeks from now”.

Any sort of progress on projects this week completely destroyed as my hard drive decided to corrupt itself last Thursday/Friday. Thank goodness for networked backups.

More Dungeon World moves Show more

Why is it hard to find Places of Power in Dungeon World? Presumably because (just like any natural resource) they can get *used up*. Show more

I'm thinking about starting up a West Marches style drop-in/drop-out Dungeon World campaign in a world where the remnants of humanity hang out in a swarm of magically-maintained habitats orbiting a blasted world, clinging to magic and civilisation the best they can. Heavy _Hyper Light Drifter_ influences.

Unsure if this is a brilliant idea or just a great way to give future-@jan a whole heaping of work...

Games played this weekend: Legacy Life Among the Ruins, Fall of Magic, 44, Project Winterhorn, The King is Dead. Which means a couple of games finally marked off my “to play” list.

The voicemail system at work clearly uses a text-to-speech system that expands common abbreviations, and I didn’t bother to set it up properly until today.

So, long story short, anyone who called me when I was away from my desk thought I was called “January”.

Me: "I love this pen. It's my favourite pen. I'd hate if something were to happen to it."

Also me: *leaves favourite pen behind goddamn everywhere*

TIL if it weren’t for those pesky French importing their word “magic”, we’d still be calling it “dwimmercraft”.

Good evening fellow polyhedral orienteers. Have you tried to build a local, informal roleplaying community beyond just one gaming group? How did you go about it? What worked? What didn't? What would you recommend to others?

It may look like I'm drinking a pot of tea that I made yesterday and forgot about, but that's actually exactly what I'm doing.

When inspiration strikes, it's important to take notes. dice.camp/media/bgpU-c4JpH0wXc

Huh. It turns out I was significantly better at writing for two hours non-stop as a teenager. Now it's hard and my brain wanders and all kinds of stuff.