for ($DATE in ADULT_LIFE) {
print(“I can’t believe it’s $DATE already!”);

"Spoil your mother! 25% off tea!"

Yes, that's who the tea is going to.


Roleplaying things I did recently:

1. I started fleshing out custom species for my eventual Freebooters on the Frontier game
2. I may have specced up a little game about pigeons

R is great and all, but I wish I could just use Unicode in my plots and have it work

I think autumn has got its claws into us

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The last episode of Season 1 of _The Good Place_ is basically every parlour larp ever half an hour before wrap-up.

Had 3/5 players for our regular _Society of Dreamers_ game, so we cracked out _The Deep Forest_ instead. Note sure why it's taken me so long to start using missed campaign evenings for one-off games!

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Hey, polyhedral pioneers. If you were to run a West Marches style campaign in the near future? What system would you use? What makes it great for that job?

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if you're struggling with your source control
maybe its time to

git gud

Today I discovered the html5 <template> element.

Weekly game will skip three weeks due to various events. So *that's* not a curse...

I feel like I should use this account to deliver some Hot Takes™ on gaming, but I haven't got any.

So instead, have an animated gif of a pukeko receiving a pat.

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HOLY CRAPS I submitted the King Is Dead Kickstarter for review.

It goes live as soon as they get back to me.

WAAAAAAAA so stressful.

Current aesthetic: standing on the platform of a quiet train station, surrounded in fog.

The Life-Changing Magic of Shoving All Your Crap Out of Sight in a Large Wooden Chest.

(Implied additional: if you know of media [games, comics, etc.] that have this same aesthetic, feel free to recommend them to me!)

_Hyper Light Drifter_ is a weird beast for me, because I *love* its aesthetic something crazy, but I *hate* that particular style of game. Which is why I'm just going to listen to the soundtrack on repeat.

As part of an attempt to "pay myself first" when it comes to creative time, I spent an hour this morning just writing. And completed a 5k first draft short story (the first first draft I've completed in probably six months/a year).

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