It's a flowerbed because it's full of flowers. We mowed around it.

Making candied dried oranges today. Wow, was it ever time to wash the dehydrator.

There is a young male robin who has built a nest right atop our front porch light. It's a very nice nest.

Dudebird, this location is SO NOT going to get you laid this year. No lady bird wants to brood eggs in a busy doorway.

Looking for recs for a mobile app, since I think I'll be more active here by phone.

Today in nerd parenting:
Getting pizza for dinner because someone broke their glasses and Mom has to spend the evening fabbing new frames.

Saw Mortal Engines, and I think it was actually a pretty okay steampunk anime.

Actually swiped from someone else's share elsenet, and while it's gaming focused, it's about using historical (non-gaming) info as gaming resources, so tangentially relevant. Also, my thread, so I say this fits here.

We're coming up on the New Year Promises-To-Self thing, yeah?

I think my first one is going to be "post more art."

Constant Comment tea brewed to the point of UNENDING HARANGUE. I might be able to get something done now.

A joyous solstice to all.

Keep warm and safe through the dark.

To those in the south, joyous midsummer!

This is a thread of non-gaming stuff I found and though useful for gaming resources. Just disclosure. Not the author(s).

we were promised an oppressive cyberpunk dystopia WITH flying cars.

That or an ecological nightmare deathscape populated by hateful warlords.


Cleaning the house today in prep for Hogswatch.

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