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Hey, so I'm a long-time TTRPG player, since D&D Basic Set in the early 1980's as a kid. I've since played a LOT of different games, too many to list. Currently running DCC and playing in a Star Wars Edge of the Empire game.

I'm a DevOps engineer to pay the bills, and former web and desktop app developer.

I have a lot of cats and live in NC, USA.

#uspol, SCOTUS 

"Originalism" nonsense needs to go away. SCOTUS is usurping power they do not have.

We fought a war to get out from under the rule of men wearing crowns. I guess we just traded that for being ruled by (mostly) men wearing robes.

Nice bit of reporting from Swedish Radio. They built an online fake pharmacy and activated Facebook advertising tools. Thousands of simulated visits to the pharmacy were made each day, and the reporters could see all the sensitive, personal information being stored by Facebook.

Facebook sent no warnings to the pharmacy, despite saying they have tools in place to prevent this from happening.

A few weeks ago they revealed how this was happening with real pharmacies.

The clips I've seen so far of the new Thor... do not look good. I'm hoping the editors for previews are just not bringing their A-game, but... ugh I hope it doesn't suck.

A reminder when talking to people making shitty fascist, *phobic or fundamentalist christian arguments:

Do not engage with the specific arguments they are using. There isn't any part that they aren't willing to concede without changing anything, they just pull something else out of their ass and ignore it. You waste time and energy 'winning' an argument about something that they don't actually care about.

We codify our arguments under particular categories: pro-trans vs. anti-trans, racist vs. anti-racist, pro-choice vs. pro-life, etc.

But it comes down to decency vs. barbarism—civilized society vs. unmitigated tribal violence.

What kind of human being will you be concerning yourself and others?

I give no space or quarter to bigots because they are openly supporting and fighting for a society where their barbarism is normalized. They want a society where they can decide the limitations and borders of what humanity is and isn't.

I'm not going to reason with people like that because their desire to limit how we express ourselves and how we exist is an inherently unreasonable position at odds with humanity itself.

No matter what culture we identify with, I want a decent and humane society, and bigots do not.

It's that simple.

Random contextless things heard in the Schmidt household:

"No one needs that much hair on their ass!"

culture war nonsense 

Well, another megadungeon by Greg Gillespie is out, and I've been intrigued by his prior work, but this quote of his from the KS campaign is why I'll never spend a single $ on his stuff:

"If you enjoy an adventure steeped in the history and lore of the game, medieval fantasy, dwarves, and Anglo-Saxon history - and devoid of woke nonsense - this will be right up your alley."

I really hate how many terrible humans are involved in the field.

transphobia, us politics, abortion, suicide mentioned 

Gentle reminder that abortion access is DEFINITELY an LGBTQ+ issue. This moment has a lot of cis-het female voices, and it should, but the immediate ramifications are going to hit anyone with a uterus -- lesbian and bi cis women, trans men, nonbinary people.

It's also going to affect all femme people, with and without uteruses. It will change the way they are treated and looked at by others, consciously or subconsciously.

That is part of the point of this judicial regression.

Include the concerns of all trans and nonbinary people in your activism for abortion rights, please. Especially those of pre-transition trans men. This group needs to be vocally and specifically included in calls for activism.

Forcing those guys to go through with pregnancies isn't just cruel, it's going to be an actual suicide trigger for some. Believe me.

They are more at risk from this legislation than the average person is. And they will have exponentially fewer resources, and exponentially fewer people to help them -- as usual.

Boosts appreciated.

Friendly reminder: if you need to plan something with many people, then don't do it on public social media.

Use Signal. Use ToR.

Someone just called the exam table paper "deli paper" and now I won't be able to stop laughing the next time I have to hop up onto an exam table.

If you're posting something on Mastodon that may upset someone (such as upsetting news), it's a good idea to use a Content Warning (CW).

CWs hide the content of your post below the warning, but people can still read it by clicking "Show more". This lets people decide for themselves whether they are ready to read it right now.

-To add a content warning, click on the "CW" or ⚠️ button while you're writing the post, then describe the warning in the line above.

-You can open all the CWs in a thread at once by clicking the eye 👁️ icon in the top right corner.

-If you prefer, you can set your account to ignore these warnings and show all content automatically (on the website go to Preferences > Always expand posts marked with content warnings, tick the box and click "Save changes").

-If you want to avoid certain topics completely, and never want to read about them, use filters instead. These are available through the website at Preferences > Filters.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

Testicle-havers of the Fediverse who've had a vasectomy, please tell me about your experience during and after

boosts appreciated

Tighten your personal security now.

not tomorrow, now.

Do not use open media to plan resistance.

Encrypted and private comms only.

Compartmentalize Identities.

Please use content warnings for politics 

(This isn't aimed at anyone in particular)

I know there are terrible things happening in the world, especially about human rights.

But, please can we still have the politics content warnings?

Please? 🙏

I get these things are really important, maybe most important.

But telling people the world is terrifying, and also there's nothing anyone can do about it, and then not CWing it... how does that help anyone? Surely it will just harm?

mental health, doomerism 

How do others manage the idea that humans are doing irreparable harm to almost everything and there is very little any of us can do about it?

I don't really consider myself a doomer, but honestly given the rate of damage (environmental, social, economic, everything) it's getting harder and harder to care about driving meaningful changes. I find myself resigned to just doing what I can around me and just limit harm, rather than really fixing anything.

Path of Exile seriously needs a confirm for resurrecting in town vs local spot. It's way too easy to misclick and then you get to slog thru a whole zone or two to get back to the boss fight.

Super frustrating.

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