Saving this for later, now that G+ is dying:

Companions LARP
The Doctor has just died. The surviving companions has fled to the TARDIS to escape the Doctor's killer, a powerful living being with bad intent. One of the companions is a spy for the killer. Each companion has a reason to trust one other companion, and reasons to distrust everyone else. When the clock runs out, the killer will get in. Will the companions figure out who the spy is, or be able to fight off the killer when they arrive?

Why don't you check out Turn? We're into our last 30 hours and we could still reveal towns from Germany and the UK, and hit my not-a-secret $20k goal of a MOOSE for your shapeshifting pleasure! Turn gives you the chance to take it slow, sometimes, too.

Woke up early, went to the gym after work, tired as fuck, but still really looking forward to running tomorrow night. Prepping while drowsing ahoy!

trans women are women
trans men are men
13/10 they're good people brent

Oh hm I should have posted those posts without the block thingy on, I just wanted to not take up a huge amount of space with the CW

Companions: Telling stories in the world of Doctor Who using PBTA rules.

The Town: A sentient malevolent dust storm descends on a small southern town in the 30s, intent on destroying it physically and socially.

Bright Future: Solarpunks running heists against godlike post-Capitalist dynasties, stealing life-giving technologies for their community.

There are times when I really miss having hair. 🙁🙁🙁

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Guess who locked themselves out of the house while going to work!?

Interesting, tootdon uses about 1/5 the battery that twitter's mobile client does.

Does the Mastodon web UI automatically update? I dunno if it doesn't or it's just low usage atm.

I kinda want to make a Mastodon mobile client named TootTown.

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