What roleplaying games are you playing?

I'm playing Good Society and Night Witches, but not at the same time.

There's something beautifully simple about this as a way of employing an underutilized but powerful sense to bond a group. I could see this being particularly effective in a game where heightened senses were part of the diegesis, like a game about werewolf parfumiers. 2/2

I'm poring over Augusto Boal's techniques in "Games For Actors and Non-Actors" for exercises to poach and this one really struck a chord:

The Smell of Hands
A line of people go up to someone with her eyes closed and each person tells her his name and gives her his hand to smell. After they have all been past her once (say, five people), they return, but this time in a different order, and the blind person has to say the name of the person, by trying to remember the smell of their hand.


Something I've always found a little puzzling is that many gaming awards come with a medal. I just won a medal in the Southern Way Awards in Italy for my larp, The Climb. I'm pleased and happy (and surprised!) and looking forward to adding it to my small but loud collection of game design medals.

Character affinities in a 100-person larp I'm designing with Lizzie Stark.

La Creatura, the Italian version of The Beast, from Narrativa. Tarot sized cards, totally gorgeous. The art is a so Italian - all blood-splashed boobs and dudes doin' monster dudes. Maximum respect.

We're just over $1k from funding! Please take a look at Turn, my slice-of-life supernatural game about shapeshifters in small towns, currently on Kickstarter!


The Melon Child of Radnor is a creepy game I wrote for BPG's Halloween newsletter. I imagined it as a tabletop game but you could certainly larp it - it would play out similar to Aura Belle's excellent larp A Baby Fell From the Sky. Other inspirations include the Twilight Zone episode "It's A Good Life" and Thornton Wilder's maudlin play Our Town. It's weird and sad and spooky and who doesn't love Victorian children in way over their heads? Enjoy! Our newsletter: us12.list-manage.com/subscribe

A really great post about why game designers should integrate safety tools into their games casskdesigns.com/1/post/2018/1

The 2018 Golden Cobra Challenge has been judged and we have winners! All will be revealed next Friday night at Metatopia. This year is a very good year for new short-form larps.

75 new Golden Cobra games this year! I've already read 60 and they are so aggressively delightful! Winners announced 2 November.

There was no one to challenge Oatman's version of events so she - a consummate survivor - crafted one that best served her interests. I don't blame her. The details she changed are pretty predictable. We know she lied about why they tattooed her face because we know why the Mohave tattooed people's faces. Some of it is extrapolation based on the experiences of others in her situation. Some of it is conjecture based on things like her Mohave nickname, Spantsa, which means "rotten womb". (4/3)

They met as friends in early February, 1864, in New York City. It's hard to imagine the feelings these two must have had - both strangers in America in the middle of the Civil War, both victims of horror and brutality, both in their own way doomed to permanent other-ness, both taking comfort in words only they could understand in the crowded dining room of the Metropolitan Hotel. (3/3)

Oatman had been kidnapped and enslaved by the Western Yavapai in 1851 and sold to the Mohave the following year. She assimilated and grew to respect her captors, whom she left in 1856. Hers was a celebrated captivity narrative and she and her brother Lorenzo were famous at the time. Oatman and Iritaba chatted like friends. Iritaba told her that her adoptive sister missed her and hoped she would return. (2/3)

Chief Irataba (Eecheeyara tav in his own language) of the Mohave led an interesting and predictably tragic life as a leader doomed by contact with Europeans while sandwiched between implacable local enemies, but the thing that captures my imagination is this: while he was in New York he visited with, and reminisced in Mohave, with 27-year-old Olive Oatman - probably the only person outside Arizona Territory who spoke the language, and possibly the only American anywhere fluent in it. (1/3)

The Golden Cobra Challenge ends on 15 October! Still time left to design a complete game!


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