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Jason Morningstar @jmstar@dice.camp

Hey I wrote a thing that makes calling your elected representatives slightly less awful: Phones of Glory. It is free because I want you to make some calls! drivethrurpg.com/product/25232

I designed a really amazing larp in my dream last night, but all I can remember now is that it takes place in a pickup truck (specifically a red 1981 Chevy LUV with tan vinyl seats).

Keep It Pathetic
Coneycatchers is a worm’s eye view of the setting, and the characters are not heroes - at least, not yet. They are criminals in a proto-capitalist nightmare that has no room for them, and they begin at the bottom of the underworld food chain. Of course the other definition of pathetic is “arousing pity through vulnerability or sadness”, and that must certainly apply. Make their lives rich and interesting, but never let the deck stop being stacked against them.

My new game The Dream is up on our Drip site now: d.rip/bullypulpitgames

Make a one reel silent film as you play a live action game about making a one-reel silent film, all meticulously rooted in actual history. If you are lucky, you'll get to play Mary Pickford.

Coneycatchers playbooks:

The Crossbiter, an actor and professional liar.
The Ruffler, a housebreaker and occasional bone-breaker.
The Foist, a street thief and confidence trickster.
The Jade, a merchant, fence, and dealer in goods or bodies.
The Abram, a veritable whipjack, a disgusting runagate.
The Pander, a clever whore and demander of glimmer.

Which is way more my speed and will be so much fun, by some definition of fun.

I'm working on Coneycatchers, a hack of Blades in the Dark set in 1600. For the longest time I was trying to keep as much Blades as possible but a friend recently told me to let it go, and I did, and it was the right move. So instead of trying to map my setting to the very good and iconic Blades playbooks I just dumped them and am making my own. For my grubby street-level game of Elizabethan gutter fuck-ups, we'll have six new playbooks.

There's a thing going around: "Pick a film and replace all but one actor with muppets" and my first thought was "Come and See, keep Aleksey Kravchenko" and this is why I am bad.

Tereshkova and Davis, my next Star Crossed pairing

I need to break up with Futura though

Hey @thefuzziestkitty my friend Jamey is running Hydra Artist for kids at Camp Nerdly!

I think I got my conlang needs sorted out via my dear pal @wlonk, but I'm impressed at the interest it generated. So many conlang nerds!

Where my conlangers at? I need to talk over an imaginary language project.

I just launched a Kickstarter to publish a recently declassified CIA training game. Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/mmasn

Finishing up Field of Honor, me and @randylubin's game about toxic masculinity. This is what you have to say if you don't want to get murdered/murder/both.

In 226 CE, a Roman merchant found himself in the court of the Wu emperor, having arrived in Jiaozhi (today northern Vietnam). After giving a comprehensive report on his land and people, the merchant was sent home overland with twenty dwarfs, ten each male and female, under the care of an officer named Liu Xian. It is known that Liu Xian died en route back to Rome, but as for the merchant and the dwarfs, nobody knows.

If that's not the setup for a Burning Wheel campaign I don't know what is.

87 pages later my proof of concept is done. It is called "Severnyy Polyus-41" and it is a self-directed techno-thriller larp that lasts 30 minutes. I'll get to test it on 21 April. It was a lot of work for something that might completely fail, but I'll learn a lot either way. if it is hot nonsense I can strip it for parts.

Working on a thing, imagine 36 of these booklets scattered around the play space. Some are coded with IF:THEN instruction, some represent objects you can carry with you (this one is both).