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Jason Morningstar @jmstar@dice.camp

Tereshkova and Davis, my next Star Crossed pairing

I need to break up with Futura though

Hey @thefuzziestkitty my friend Jamey is running Hydra Artist for kids at Camp Nerdly!

I think I got my conlang needs sorted out via my dear pal @wlonk, but I'm impressed at the interest it generated. So many conlang nerds!

Where my conlangers at? I need to talk over an imaginary language project.

I just launched a Kickstarter to publish a recently declassified CIA training game. Check it out: kickstarter.com/projects/mmasn

Finishing up Field of Honor, me and @randylubin's game about toxic masculinity. This is what you have to say if you don't want to get murdered/murder/both.

In 226 CE, a Roman merchant found himself in the court of the Wu emperor, having arrived in Jiaozhi (today northern Vietnam). After giving a comprehensive report on his land and people, the merchant was sent home overland with twenty dwarfs, ten each male and female, under the care of an officer named Liu Xian. It is known that Liu Xian died en route back to Rome, but as for the merchant and the dwarfs, nobody knows.

If that's not the setup for a Burning Wheel campaign I don't know what is.

87 pages later my proof of concept is done. It is called "Severnyy Polyus-41" and it is a self-directed techno-thriller larp that lasts 30 minutes. I'll get to test it on 21 April. It was a lot of work for something that might completely fail, but I'll learn a lot either way. if it is hot nonsense I can strip it for parts.

Working on a thing, imagine 36 of these booklets scattered around the play space. Some are coded with IF:THEN instruction, some represent objects you can carry with you (this one is both).

All the materials. It turned out to be a lot.

Playtest draft of the game @randylubin and I are making.

Stealing from the best - for larp, using character names as finding aids and pointers toward style and presentation. The Tribunal gives everyone an animal name that tells you everything you need to know about those characters. Fortune and Felicity divides everyone into family groups that are color-associated. Here in this game we're working on color orients you to factions and helps you find the relevant play materials and handouts.

@randylubin and I spent a lot of time together last week and made a game together during the free moments. I love the excitement of an unexpected design project with someone you respect and admire that is infectiously fun and cool. It feels like "Let's start a band! Let's put on a show!" Can't wait to share it, the bones are strong and the theme is heavy.

I traveled earlier this week for a job - six hour flight - so I wrote a game en route, found people to playtest it after hours, then laid it out on the flight back home. This feels like a future I can get behind!

Bully Pulpit Games now has a Drip page! Drip is Kickstarter's new community support platform and we're one of only a few game-related organizations currently using it.

We're asking for your help in making more, better, weirder games and I couldn't be more excited!