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The dice bowl's usual home of the dining room table is currently in chaos, so it occupies a spot in the kitchen at the moment.




I am very excited to announce the release of my first solo game: A Cozy Den. It is an intimate game of domestic winter that focuses on the lives of Lesbisnakes and their relationships with each other in their winter Den. Lesbisnakes are half snake, half human, and all lesbian.

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Hey @nickwedig can you share Star Level 10 with me? I can't find it!

List of roleplaying games with unreliable narrators, not including a GMs explicit permission to lie to players, go

List of roleplaying games that are designed to be non-linear, go

I'm going to make a roleplaying game about poet and iconoclast Susan Clay Sawitzky, great granddaughter of Henry Clay, and call it THE CLAY THAT GOT WOKE

Two outcomes from two different play-throughs of my game Apportionment, which is a larp version of the Sykes-Picot agreement, in space. So interesting to see the drastically different boundaries they came up with.

One thing I'm doing for Coneycatchers is reskinning all the existing playbooks, stripping out and replacing the magic and Duskvol stuff. It's pretty fun.

I saw "pander" used as a noun in some garbage 16th century play so I am going to use that as my gender-neutral word for sex worker.

"I'm playing the Ruffler!"
"I'm the Pander!"
"I'm the Whipjack!"
"Let's go do crimes!"

I've written shared world games that fit on a timeline:

War on Sirai begins (First Lebanese civil war, 1977-83)
Sirai (12-20, 3 hours)

War on Sirai (Poland, 1942)
Thola (4-6, tabletop, 2 hours)

Combine intervention
The Line (10-15, 3 hours) (Lesbos, 2016)
Terps (6-8, 2 hours) (Afghanistan, 2015)

The war ends
Apportionment (8-14, 3 hours) (Middle East, 1916)

Things happening in nearby space
Maroons (6-7, 2 hours) (Siberia, 1936-1988)
Durance (4-5, tabletop, 3 hours) (Australia, 1788)

So many awesome slang words for 16th century prostitutes but they are all so gendered. Bawd, Quean, Winchester Goose, Demander of Glimmer, Ganymede. Ganymede as slang for male prostitute is so great. The only gender neutral one I can find is Trug and that is a bummer. Whore, marginally, I guess.

I must have missed when Liam Liwanag Burke's RPG Dog Eat Dog landed on DTRPG, but it's also PWYW (suggested price $5).

I've read this, and floated playing it a couple of times, but just thinking about it makes me uncomfortable. I strongly suspect there's a powerful play experience here that would make it worth pushing past that discomfort.

Linky: drivethrurpg.com/product/19805

Editing suuuuuuuper long Italian larps all day, someone send help

The high femme-stone butch scale is the killer app of @kiramagrann's lovely game A Cozy Den!

@Paul_Riddle what is the status of The Regiment? Is it ever seeing the light of day? I just re-read my partisan playbook and it is so choice.

Last night we playtested a game by a member of our group fairly new to both roleplaying and game design and it was full of amazing ideas. My very favorite is that the GM role has hit points and can be damaged and destroyed, and then you don't have a GM any more. I am pre-stealing this.

The Larp Shack International Festival of Larps is over. I played a pro poker player who had to fuck a monster, the bummed out manager of the K-Pop band CHORD6, an adult female European bison, a high school funboy who found true love, a religious zealot who did not, a moon base ECLS technician who couldn't fix it and an officer in a dystopian military who definitely could. It was a lot of larping.

The schedule for the Larp Shack Festival of larps, which begins in 7 minutes here in Durham NC: dropbox.com/s/uzi29po26psa0dd/