If you need some legit horror in your life, the trailer for Smile is really fucked up.

I am reminded a reason I didn’t stick with Mastodon the last time I tried switching was because all the native iOS apps are all done version of awful or annoying.

Like, they somehow all seem to lack the ability to filter out reblogs from your main timeline while the web app can do that without blinking.

If a doctor doxxes you, does that make them a…


Today I submitted a little app to the Tidbyt repo. It pulls the top tagline from The Verge and displays it with the Verge logo on your Tidbyt. Afterwards, I tweeted about it and walked away.

I get anxious and excited over making public contributions like this, but I told myself to not expect anything for a while. The repo has 30+ open PRs.

Well, I checked. The EIC of the Verge, Nilay Patel, retweeted me, likes it, and Tidbyt responded saying they’ll get it out ASAP. The PR is merged.

Wordle 311 

Wordle 311 4/6*


Content warnings are a pretty cool feature.


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