I'm John Harper, a game designer and graphic artist in Seattle.

My games include Lady Blackbird, Agon, Danger Patrol, Talislanta 4th Edition, Lasers & Feelings, and Blades in the Dark.

I created the logo for Dungeon World and the cover art + art direction for Fiasco, plus many character sheets like Apocalypse World, Leverage, and Stars Without Number.

I sometimes run games on Twitch. I'm running a 3:16 game right now.

I'm really into indie rpgs as well as the old classics.

@johnharper we've had a ton of fun with Blades over on thatdndpodcast, John. Such a great game for bringing it your inner scoundrel. Or demon. Whichever applies.

@johnharper Wait, you're the creator of Agon?! Wow. I can't believe you are here!

Hey John!
We just started playing Blades in The Dark last Sunday :D Welcome to the fediverse!

@Irick @johnharper Hi! I was in that session, Blades is one of the first games in a loooong while to actually *excite* me.

Welcome to the fediverse

@IrisKalmia @Irick @johnharper
Oh hey! Dang! Welcome to the wonderful land of the fediverse John!

(I'm the poor soul running said Blades game)

Hey @johnharper big fan of your games (esp. Blackbird and Blades)!

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