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I'm a semi-lapsed TTRPG enthusiast, an illustrator and photographer, and occasional game design dabbler. By profession, I do UX design.

Had a fun playtest session of Roar of Alliance tonight with @flavio and @thoughty. Received good and useful feedback, and worked as a reminder to me to actually print out the latest versions of my materials (cards especially).

My most recent character is a gun-slinging bounty hunter named Colton. Colton would be utterly bewildered by a home office computer job, and put off completely by the suburban and urban environment. In Colton's shoes, I would be able to manage a rifle well enough, but I completely lack the other critical tracking and survival skills Colton relies on.

I want to be a STABBIST

Star Trek Adventures
Band of Blades
Twilight: 2000

**#Transmasc folk take note!** Sun Pharmaceuticals is recalling three batches of #testosterone cypionate for bacterial contamination.

Please, check your lot numbers.

Boosts highly encouraged! :boost_ok:

"Over the last two decades, Alzheimer’s drugs have been notable mostly for having a 99% failure rate in human trials. It’s not unusual for drugs that are effective in vitro and in animal models to turn out to be less than successful when used in humans, but Alzheimer’s has a record that makes the batting average in other areas look like Hall of Fame material."

The Halo TV show is better than it has any right to be.

Keep seeing toots about it being nonbinary day, shout out to the Nonbinary With Long Beard genre in particular because that "women and enbies" category at places sure is brutal to us haha

Happy Non-Binary People's Day!
According to wikipedia, the date was chosen for being precisely between International Men's Day and International Women's Day.
Which begs the question, does that make today a Gender Equinox?

The results of my absurd experiment; one of only two keepable photos not marred too badly by motion blur or lack of proper focus.

This is the surface of a flower petal, and the razor thing section in focus shows the structure of the cells that make up its surface. The out-of-focus yellow flecks are grains of pollen.

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Today in wacky experiments in : a macro lens on a set of bellows for some extreme magnification.

Too much for anything practical outdoors, it turns out. The tiniest breeze or jiggle throws everything out of focus. This is definitely a setup for carefully stabilized subjects under studio conditions (not least because this setup is so light-hungry).

13-year-old washing machine just broke during a load this morning. Simple mechanical failure of a high wear part, but still irritating and expensive to have repaired. Hopefully the repair is cheaper and easier than replacement.

Finally back to making slow progress on writing the last bits of Roar of Alliance: examples for the downtime. Once that's done, it may be time to engage an editor.

And get on my artist's back about finishing the rest of the pieces I need for the game.

(The artist is me)

"If sexual activity between same-gender people became illegal, the police would be the ones enforcing those laws.

That's why police are not welcome at Pride. Pride is for unconditional supporters, not for those who would become enemies as soon as they're ordered to."

UPDATE: many of you have now written to me, rightly praising my revolutionary new app, BONES TO THE NORTHWEST, the app that detects human bones to the northwest. however some troublemakers are using this comments section for their malignant 'feature requests' such as 'detect non-human bones' and 'detect bones in other directions, like south-southwest'. know that i will NEVER yield to your depraved fantasies. the app will remain pure as long as i draw breath

Still happy with this piece I illustrated for Into the Dark. This was when I was still actively developing the style I now use for the majority of my finished drawings.

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