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I'm a semi-lapsed TTRPG enthusiast, an illustrator and photographer, and occasional game design dabbler. By profession, I do UX design.

Played a game of Lunar (cold war gone hot - On the Moon!) over the weekend, and it was a blast. It was strategic and tense up to the very last actions of the game, while being silly and fun the whole time.

The rule books and materials definitely need an editorial pass and some general usability improvements, but it is so much fun already that we're planning to play again soon.

Send me proof of a donation in any amount to an abortion fund or reproductive justice organization, and I'll send you a free download code for Roar of Alliance.

Haven't had as much opportunity or interest for RPGs lately as I'd like, but I'm probably going to get in some minis combat gaming this weekend: maybe Lunar or the Battletech starter box.

Hopefully that'll get the juices flowing again so I can finish up the text and art for Roar of Alliance.

If someone had painted this sky, I might have thought they were being lazy, but this is largely how it looked on the night.

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A of recent unusual clouds over my neighborhood. These are apparently called mammatus clouds.

Sunset light rendered these unusual clouds with some extra-dramatic color.

Had some fun looking clouds last night. Enjoy this phone picture while I process my proper DSLR shots and timelapse. The auto white balance here does not do justice to the stunning yellow-orange cast of these clouds in reality.

Due to supply chain issues we will no longer "keep on trucking" at current rates.

🎶Sell us ingots, you're the copper man
Sell us ingots tonight
We're in the mood for good quality
And Ea-Nasir caused a fight

Eye contact 

Taking fun photos of @thoughty with UV face paint for interesting effects. This is mostly captured in-camera, and lightly enhanced with post-processing tools.

Happy pride month!
To celebrate, here is some of my #aviationart in bi palette ❤️💜💙

I realised I'm the only one posting under this hashtag here, which is nice as I'm the opposite demographic of who aviation art attracts on Facebook groups and art galleries usually so I tend to not take part. Join me to make it gay 🌈, also recommend me some artists who draw airplanes and pilots in love!


A macrophotograph of a jumping spider waiting on a blossom in my yard.

My lap has been pretty crowded since I started working from home. Not always easy to work under these conditions.

Animal parts, graphic trophies 

Glad I have a cat willing and able to engage in pest control, a little grossed out about how he chooses to inform me.

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