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John Aegard

I'm not the kind of guy who promotes a squintillion dollar brand by wearing its merch but an exception was made for this triumph:

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what are some other good mastodon instances to explore besides I love all you gamers but my feed needs some topic diversity.

interested in: photography, art, music, funny stuff. Basically I want my feed to expose me to beautiful things.

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We saw Lady Bird last night. I think it's basically a Judy Blume story about leaving for college but I also bet that it's broadcasting on lots of channels I'm not receiving.

question 3: what things do I add or ban from my custom fantasy setting?

Fuck this "my" business. It's our setting. With that said:

add: whatever folks are excited about playing with. plus personhood and homes. NPCs are people. The places where they live are their homes.

ban: nothing. My job is to funhouse-mirror everyone's good-faith contributions, not to filter those contributions through my own preferences.

tonight, gonna see if the suck fairy came for Farscape in the decade or so since I watched it last.

hello everyone!

For those who don't know me: I wrote Jedi Blackbird, Indigo Galleon, Dragonslaying on a Timetable, Nightsegur, + other game stuff. It's all available at

also I play drums and love music. Especially the real Mastodon.