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“Even when games turn away from designs of violent domination they often replicate other imperialist pleasures: the museum, the explorer, the merchant, the scientist, the bureaucrat.”

From @betterthemask’s excellent talk, Game Design in the Imperial Mode

I'm hosting a sex ed hackathon to create new educational games for sex education. Analog game designers and sex educators are welcome to join, online or in-person.

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A trap I fell into when I started designing 's: chasing uniqueness.

I was so impressed by all the new things I saw in other people's games, that I felt I needed to do something brand new so other folks would be impressed by MY game.

The more I learned, though, the more I realized how many of the things I thought were novel were just clever combinations of old parts. Everything is a remix.

Instead of aiming for the new and unique, trust that it will come from being true to your vision.

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Socialism will mean more time for games. Just saying.
Happy May 1st!

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Because I hate you, I think I will design a ttrpg that you will desperately want to play, but no one else will.

Primal Scream: Why do my shitposting social media accounts allow 2FA but my banks and brokerage do not?

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New websites for Demeter, Erebus and even Skull&Crossbones are up and running. Just waiting for the last lump payments for Demeter to finish and then it’s good bye Wix!, and

Tonight''s Game: Fellowship. We damaged the Overlord for the first time, creating a distraction so the Elves can destroy and replant their sacred birthing grove.

Which of these professional conferences sounds the most interesting to you as a game designer?

Sex educators and game designers team up to create new sex ed lessons that are playful to their core.
* Learn from industry-leading speakers
* Practice new skills through design challenges
* Create and share bold, immersive edu-games

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Want a look at my rules-complete beta for Roar of Alliance, a game of WW2 tank action that blends story-driven RPG techniques with strategic campaign board game mechanics?

Get it here: or send me a direct message for a free copy.

Couldn't sleep, was reading Rosenstrasse. It's got masterclass level generalizable knowledge for running a tightly constrained Fastaval-style scenario. It's clear every paragraph has been sweated over to share information about nudging scenes in progress, ways to cut, and deal with common problems.

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